1 Royd; 2 Frames, 1 Wheel Set

Mike Dann from Perth sent in these photos of Liza’s Royd Bike Bag. We built this bag for Liza along with a matching Custom Bullpup for her last minute trip to North America.

2 bikes in a bike travel bag royd



(the matching BullPup Backpack… how nice is this!)

Along the way Liza picked up a new frame and had a conundrum of how to get it home. Crisis averted, it turns our our Royd Bike Bag can carry a full bike PLUS a spare frameset. NEAT!

2 bikes in a bike travel bag

Honestly I didn’t realise this was even possible! Two frames, One wheelset, and enough components for a single bike. Surprising! Thanks for putting us to the test Liza, and Mike for the photos!

This Royd was custom made in our Brisbane studio, or you can grab off the shelf versions via our Royd Bike Bag page.

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  • geoff.tewierik

    I’ve done one frame two sets of wheels in a Royd.

    • bocrew

      Hah! Thanks Geoff! Good to know it does two sets of wheels and a frame as well! (I’ve never tested it like this either)

      Between you and Liza we would have three complete bikes in two Royds! :)

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