Random Skill: Underwater Bubble Rings

My brother Chris taught me how to blow underwater bubble rings and it is something I love doing when swimming in waterholes or creeks halfway through a hike. It may sound stupid, but it brings out an inner child in me, and provides hours of fascinating fun. It really is quite easy to do once you get your head around it. Let me share with you a Random Skill to use when you are getting Dirtified!

How to blow underwater bubble rings

I normally swim in slightly moving water which isn’t too deep. This isn’t ideal for creating perfectly round and highly photogenic bubble rings but you can still do it and have fun in the process.

I’ll attempt to describe how to do it, but if you CBF’d reading, watch the video below

1. Take a breath of air and swim to the bottom of the waterhole
2. Lie down with your head facing towards the surface. Wait 10 seconds or so for the water to go still
3. Fill your cheeks with air. I find it helps to put your tongue between your lips
4. Block your nose
5. Now pull your tongue away from your lips so the air is forced out in an almost spitting motion
6. Watch as a bubble ring forms and floats up to the surface!
7. Repeat until you are bored… this takes a long time though.

Shanger Danger does a good job describing in this video:

Now, get out there, get Dirtified and practice this skill!

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