Purple Bag Interior Fabric

Fresh off the delivery truck and out of the plastic wrap is our newest interior fabric colour. Jacaranda Purple. This colour just screams SPRINGTIME (at least for Australians!) as it is almost an identical match for Jacaranda flowers. Check it out:

Jacaranda Purple Interior Bag Lining


So punchy, so bold, and so nice as a colour! The first few bags featuring this new colour are starting to roll through the studio and I am loving it. Brings back fond memories of my childhood home with a Jacaranda tree out the front, complete with a tyre swing. (It also brings back memories of Magpies viciously swooping me, but thats not related to the colour…!)

This fabric is a 300D Polyester, which also happens to be waterproof. That’s right, the fabric is waterproof. However as we do not seam tape our bags, this means the finished bag will only be weatherproof, not waterproof. Explanation behind weather versus waterproof, and a more detailed discussion about the new fabric colour coming shortly! Promise!

For now, if you are interested in some of this purple interior colour, you can grab your own custom bag via our website!

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