Looking at our Pro-Series Messenger Bags, and feeling a little daunted by what each individual strap is for? Unsure where the stabiliser strap is supposed to go on your body, or what that giant buckle is supposed to be used for? Fear not, Dave has your back and will explain what each is for, and how to get the most out of your Messenger Bag. 

With our Pro-Series bags (the Sindrome and Elephantitus), one of the things you will notice is that we have a big 50mm buckle across your chest, as well as a D-ring, and it can be a little bit confusing as to what this whole system is for.

The stabiliser strap
The stabiliser strap is to stop the bag moving around on your back – it is fairly self-explanatory, but incredibly beneficial when riding or carrying bulky and or heavy loads.

The enormo-buckle (no, that is not it’s actual name…)
The buckle is useful for allowing you to take the pack off when it has bulky items in it or it is too hard to lift it over the top of your head. Instead of trying to fight the bag and lift it over the top of your head, you can literally turn around, plonk the bag on a table, and then undo the buckle so it releases your body from the bag. This system allows you to get the bag off a little easier.

The D-ring adjustment system
The other feature we have is a D-ring in the system. Tightening the bag is fairly straightforward – you just pull on the webbing. To release or loosen in a hurry, you just pull on the D-ring. This loosens the system and allows the bag to simply drop, particularly when it’s heavy.

The other use for the D-ring is to help tighten the strap when the bag is really heavy. If you just can’t quite pull the strap all the way down, you can actually “walk” the strap up by pulling the D-ring and then tightening the strap.

The slip-loc buckle
The final feature you will notice we have on the Pro-Series bags is a little slip-loc down the end of the strap. That is to stop the dangling webbing from getting in the way. You can actually shorten it to get it out of the way. That is usually all that is needed, but if that is not enough, what you can do is tuck it back on itself and put it underneath your body. That will get it out of the way. If you do manage to accidentally completely undo this slip-loc buckle, learn how to fix it with this help video.

Want to learn more about the hip and shoulder compression? Check this video out!

That is all about the Pro-Series messenger bags and how the buckle and attachment system works. If you have any other questions about the features or uses of your Pro-Series bag, please don’t hesitate to leave a comment below, or contact us direct!

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