We have a new feature on all our Pro-Series Messenger Bags, adapted from our largest, the Elephantitus. This is called Reversible Shoulder Straps which allow you to wear the bag over either shoulder, and adjust it to your own personal preference. Dave will show this feature, explain how it can make a difference if you bust a shoulder, and teach you how to adjust it should you need to reverse your straps.

Dave here from BOgear, and this is our Sindrome Messenger Bag which forms part of the Pro-Series Messenger Bag Range. At the largest is the Elephantitus. Next is the Sindrome – this one here – which is the medium. We also have a new one on the way called The Donkey which is smaller again. Now, all of them feature, which is a new feature, Reversible Shoulder Straps. This feature was taken from the Elephantitus and adapted down into our smaller bags in the range. This feature basically means that the shoulder straps can be reversed. You can wear it over your right hand shoulder if you want or you could flip it around to wear it over your left hand shoulder. The advantage of this means if you bust a shoulder, for example, and you hurt yourself… rather than wearing it on one side, you can actually rotate the shoulder straps around and wear it over your other shoulder. Or if you later on want to sell the bag, you don’t have to sell it to a Lefty or a Righty. You can sell it to anyone, because they can rotate it around and wear it and adjust the bag to fit them the exact way they want it to be worn.

How to reverse your shoulder straps
At the moment, this bag is set up to be worn over the right shoulder. It is what’s called a lefty’s bag. Now, it’s a little bit weird. Lefties are weird. (My wife is a Lefty, so don’t judge me!). Let’s adjust it and I’ll show you how to change the straps to flip it around. The first thing we are going to do is we’re going to remove the stabiliser strap from the base of the bag. That’s the bit that goes from your main shoulder strap underneath your arm to stop it from shaking around. What we undo is the sliploc buckle at the bottom of the messenger bag. The next thing we’ll undo is at the hip, which is the hip compression, constructed from 25mm webbing. Let’s undo that.

Little quick tip, if you’re having trouble undoing the actual webbing through the buckles, get yourself a pair of needle nose pliers. That makes it a lot easier to undo.

I’ve just undone the 25mm hip compression webbing and we have a little D ring in there. Put that to one side because we are going to need it later. The next step is to undo the 50mm webbing at the hip. It’s doubled back at the moment to stop it from undoing accidentally. Now, we just slide it through the buckle and it will be completely removed. The hip section of the shoulder strap is completely off the bag. Now, the next step is to rip off the foam padding from underneath the top shoulder strap. Put that to one side. Now, we repeat the unweaving for the top section – we undo the top 25mm shoulder compression. Again, keep the D ring, put it to one side. Then the next step after that is to undo the 50mm webbing. It also is doubled back to stop it from undoing accidentally. Now, the shoulder strap is completely removed.

Explaining the buckles on the bag
That is the shoulder strap and as you can see that is the bag setup. You can wear the bag either way. We have one buckle on the left, one buckle on the right, and you’ve got the two compression options for either hip or shoulder as well. You can wear it with the right shoulder or you can wear it over the left shoulder. Let’s just reverse it and I’ll show you how to put it back together again.

Putting it back together
I want to wear it over my left hand shoulder which is the “standard” way to wear a messenger bag.
1. Weave the 50mm strap with the Loop underneath (this is the main strap) – weave that through first.
Ensure the Loop faces downwards. You weave the buckle through and then you need to double it back just to lock it off. Just so it doesn’t accidentally undo. I’m just doubling it back. It’s doubled back so it’s not going to come undone. It’s not going to slide accidentally.
2. Now that we’ve done the main strap, we now need to do the top shoulder compression.
Put the 25mm webbing through the buckle. Grab the D ring and we put that D ring on. The D ring makes it easier for you to undo and adjust the bag on the fly. There’s another video out there – I think it’s called Donning and Doffing or something stupid like that. Have a look online, we’ll show you where that one is.
3. Now, you have the main shoulder strap done up we need to repeat it again for the hip section.
We’ll first grab the 50mm webbing. First of all, make sure that this stays flat. So the webbing is not twisted, you’re not putting the strap on twisted so it stays flat. Weave it through the buckle. Then we double it back. Doubling back again just stops it from outdoing accidentally. It’s doubled back and that strap is not going anywhere. It’s held in nice and tight.
4. Now do up the 25mm hip compression. Put the 25mm hip compression through that buckle there. Put the D ring on to allow it to adjust easily and put the strap back through. You can start to see the strap system, coming together now! Don’t forget to put the D ring in the middle. Do that webbing up tight.
5. Now, your bag is just about ready to go. You just need to put the foam pad back down.
Line the edge of the Hook up with the edge of the Loop on the bag. Put it on nice and neatly
6. If I was to wear the bag right now, the stabilizer strap would stab me in the neck. So, we need to remove that and rotate it around to fit correctly.
Undo the buckle, lift up the Hook-and-Loop, and remove it. That stabiliser strap is completely removed. To put it back on, you put it underneath the 50mm webbing and Loop. You attach it using the Hook-and-Loop and now you do the buckle up. This is the only buckle in this entire setup that you don’t actually double it back. Because it’s held down with Hook-and-Loop, there’s no need to reverse that and double back that webbing there.
7. Now, your stabiliser goes underneath the armpit of your main strap. If you’re wearing this over your left hand shoulder, you want it to go underneath your armpit of your left hand side.
That means you’ll put it on this buckle which is closest to this strap. There’s two buckles down at the bottom here. That’s the correct one to put it on at the moment. If you were reversing the straps, you’d put it on this one here. Let’s put that webbing through and we’ll double it back just to make sure it doesn’t come undone.

Double checking & tightening the bag
That means that the shoulder strap is now set up to be worn correctly. If I clip this up, do it up, then tighten the hip and shoulder compression that bag is now nice and comfortable and I can do up the stabilizer strap, tighten it and it’s not going anywhere. That bag is now set up for left hand shoulder wear and using that system you can alternate it around. This is the reversible strap feature which is now standard on all of our Pro Messenger Bags in the entire range. Any questions, drop us a line, or leave a question below.

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