Ever wondered why we put hip and shoulder compression on our larger messenger bags? In a nutshell it gives you a more comfortable carry. Check out our video below showing how to use this feature in both our Sindrome and Elephantitus messenger bags

Dave here from BOgear showing a feature which is on our Sindrome and Elephantitus messenger bags, which are the bigger two in our messenger bag range. This feature is hip and shoulder compression. What this allows you to do is essentially tighten up your bag so when the bag is empty it wraps around your body so it doesn’t flap around and get in the way. Then when you put something large in, like a box of beer, it allows the bag to expand away from you without rounding out your back.

How to use
Essentially what you have is a main strap which attaches to your body, and is adjusted for your size. Once set correctly you don’t need to adjust this main strap often. What you do adjust regularly is the hip and shoulder compression, which you adjust according to what you put in the messenger bag. For a big box you loosen the compression off, or when you are not putting anything in your bag you tighten it all the way up. Tightened all the way up it will wrap around your body.

If you don’t undo this compression for a larger load it can be quite uncomfortable.
If you take the bag off and put a box of beer in, make sure you undo the base compression to make it the behemoth! Put the box straight on in. With the hip and shoulder compression done up, you can see that it has created a “barrel shape”, and a gap away from your body so if you are trying to wear this it feels like you are wearing a barrel on your back. But if you loosen the hip and shoulder compression off it allows you to have a flat section on your back but still carry a large volume in your messenger bag.

Still leaving the compression done up you can see that it has rounded out my back and is actually quite uncomfortable. If you undo the hip and shoulder compression, you can do the main strap up tighter, making it a lot more comfortable. As you can see it no longer rounds out my back while still having the same volume inside as before.

I hope you enjoyed this explanation. If you have any other questions about features on our messenger bags please let us know!

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