Pro-Messenger Bag: Back Padding Upgrade

If you visit the Custom Designs page for our Pro-Series Messenger Bags you will notice a little tick box for “back padding” as a feature upgrade. This is a pretty popular addition which creates a more comfortable bag especially if you are carrying bulky, sharp or weird shaped objects. It is also popular if your load is consistently heavy.

First though, lets look at a Sindrome which has this feature added. From the front you cannot tell the feature is added. All detailing is hidden, including the Hook-and-Loop attachment points. It isn’t until you flip around the back that you can see the back padding.


From behind you can now see the back padding. This is a big square of high density EVA foam, 10mm thick. The actual pad itself stops things stabbing in your back, provides cushioning, as well as a flat section so the bag doesn’t feel like it is barrelling out (not really an issue with our hip and shoulder compression strap design, but it does make a difference if you haven’t correctly adjusted your straps.) The pad measures 300mm tall x 270mm wide, which is a big surface area of cushioning.

The surface which touches your clothes/skin is 500D Cordura, spray laminated in place. This lighter weight fabric isn’t as abrasive on your clothes but lasts just as long. In addition, the spray laminating process reduces the likelihood of bubbles and blisters occurring, which results in a more comfortable carry (it doesn’t slip and slide around).

UCP-Camo-Messenger-BagThe neatest thing about this design however is that it is entirely removable. You can rip the pad off at any time. Why you ask?

1. Remove it to hand wash it
2. Remove it if you don’t like it (soft Loop is attached to the bag so it wont be uncomfortable)
3. Remove it so you can sit on it while waiting for jobs (or while sitting at polo, or if the ground is wet/hard/cold)

All in all the Back Padding Upgrade is a neat feature for both our Sindrome and Elephantitus Pro-Series Messenger Bags. It really will make a difference if you see yourself carrying heavy, bulky, or odd shaped loads!

As always, any questions drop us an email or leave a line below!


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