Paracord Zip Pull Upgrade

Paracord is a neat little upgrade that I like to apply to all my own personal bags. I’ve talked about it before, but this upgrade makes the zip pull smoother, makes it jangle less, and makes it easier to grab hold of when wearing gloves. Here are two super quick and easy ways to install it!

Paracord can either be added during the order (just tick the upgrade box), or can be added later down the track if you feel it is needed. Both options are available on our site.

There are two easy ways you can install the paracord:

1. Remove the pulls
Removing the pulls stops it “jangling” and creates a very smooth pull. Despite the pulls being cut off, you can still ghetto lock your bag using this neat technique.

How to do it:
– Remove the pulls (the jangly bit) using a pair of pliers or wire snips.
– Run the paracord through the body of the zip
– Tie using an over hand knot
- Alternatively insert beads or other decoration, or tie a fancy knot!


2. Don’t remove the pulls
Leaving the pulls on gives you the best of both worlds; you can still hard lock the bag if you wish, as well as having the advantages of paracord. If at a later date you want the zip to flow and open better, you can always undo the paracord, cut off the pulls, and then re-tie as per option 1.

This is how we are now installing paracord on bags with this option; it gives YOU the choice to cut or not to cut!

How to do it:
– Run the paracord through the smaller hole of the zip pull
– Run one side through the larger hole, and then repeat for the other side. Paracord should cross past each other through the larger hole.
– Tie using a simple overhand knot
- Alternatively insert beads or other decoration, or tie a fancy knot!


There are millions of other ways out there how to install paracord, but these are the quickest and easiest options that we know of. If you have suggestions for other methods, leave a comment below!

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