Paracord Zip: How To Lock Your Bag

I accidentally delved into the rabbit hole that is Pinterest this morning, and one thing which popped out at me was this photo. It shows how you can use paracord zip pulls to lock your zips shut from pickpockets. 

This technique was first shown to me by Mick from The Forge Co., (and it amazed me due to its simplicity – I was surprised I hadn’t seen it before). This photo shows the technique so succinctly. Essentially it allows you to “lock” your zips from accidentally peeling apart, or from pick pockets, even if you have installed our paracord zip pull upgrade. One of the most common thing people say to me when I encourage them to install paracord is that zips can no longer be “secured”. NOT anymore!


This photo is from Stormdrane’s blog, which is a fantastic resource for anyone interested in playing around with paracord. Tonnes of knots, designs, and even zip pull techniques are shown. He is a knot tying god.

Oh, and if you are wondering, yes we have a Pinterest account. It is a work in progress!

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