Packing a Jersey Pocket Pouch

We often get asked just how much our Jersey Pocket Pouch can hold. Given it’s pleated design it actually can hold a surprisingly large amount of smaller items.

Watch as Dave quickly loads it up for two different style of uses; safely strapped under your seat (as a tool kit), or in your jersey pocket (for your valuable items).

Used for your valuable items it can hold:
iBrains (fits up to an iPhone 6 – not a 6+)
Simple wallets
House/bike lock keys

Used as a tool kit it can hold:
2x 700c tubes
3x tyre levers
Patch repair kit
Tyre boot
Small multitool.

We have also found people use it strapped to their shoulder strap for quick phone or keycard access on the go! You can grab our Jersey Pouch online here!

Jersey Pocket Pouch Tube and Contents

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