Orange Showcased

We’ve just got a fresh batch of Fluoro Orange back in stock. This colour positively GLOWS under our studio lights, as well as in low light situations. (Perfect as a cycling commuter pack from a safety viewpoint). So today, lets feature the colour Orange, available from our Custom Tab, and showcase some amazing packs using this colour over the years!


Honestly this is such a hard colour to photograph. In our studio (and under the lights) it looks very blown out/washed out. With the lights off, it positively glows! And trying to tell the difference between photos of Fluoro and Burnt Orange? Consider it next to impossible, mainly as our digital camera has trouble deciphering fluoro’s!

You can probably tell by now we are not going to only focus on Fluoro Orange exterior, but also Orange webbing (both Burnt Orange and Fluoro Orange) as well as Light Orange bartack.

Orange is such a punchy, bold colour, which has proven to be very popular over the last year or so. However due to this punch most people prefer to use it as an accent or highlight. A whole bag can get a bit much, and so the majority of the bags we have built over the years use it in the webbing, paracord, lining, or bartack.


This is a prime example. This bag is 90% black, but with front Clipping Webbing and top pocket in Fluoro Orange it has that nice punch of colour!

And now we get into more of a “subtle” detail, or feature/accent point through single line of webbing:

bullpup-ucp-greyfluroorange-black-ig bullpup-black-wtfblackdarkgreyborange-cyanblue-ig
bullpup_wtf_dark-camo_black_multicam_orange_black-ig spare_camel_forest_green_blackblueorange_black_singleorangebartack-ig spare_camel_forest_green_greyblackorange_black-ig spare_camel_light_grey_canvas_dark_grey_burnt_orange_red-igVery few packs have Orange as a bartack colour, but it does look nice:


black-orange-bullpup-pack-igAnd then you get to all the webbing being Orange for more of a punch:

sparecamel-navy-canvas-burntorange-red-ig sparecamel-forestgreen-burntorange-pink-ig dufflay-royal-blue-burnt-orange-ig dufflay-grey-burntorange-black-ig bullpup-wtf-dark-burnt-orange-yellow-ig bullpup-black-dark-grey-orange-ig spare_camel_tan_canvas_burnt_orange_pink-ig medium_duffle_navy_canvas_burnt_orange_black-ig bullpup_navy_canvas_burnt_orange_navy-igBefore, finally, lets finish with that which really is bright; entire exterior being Fluoro Orange. I mentioned earlier this is fantastic for cycling/commuter packs, and as you can see it is definitely popular with our flap style backpacks!

fluoro-orange-blue-shrinkage-backpack fluoro-orange-large-flap-backpack

If Orange really tickles your fancy, we would love to build you a Custom Pack to your exact specifications! Drop us a line, and lets get something rolling!

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