Nude Backpacks

Nude has been an option on the Custom Camel and Custom BullPup Backpack pages for a little while now. Seems I blanked to discuss it. So what exactly is Nude or Faceless?

Bullpup Backpack Grey and Gold Diamond NudeThis is a prime example of a Nude or Faceless BullPup Backpack. Basically it takes away the Military Element in our packs making them a touch more sophisticated and all round generally classy. Sure it means less to colour customise, but for a timeless pack it might just be the right decision.

In the above example, Clipping Webbing is stripped off, and in this instance results in a Grey on Grey pack, with a splash of Gold Diamond as colour accent. Classy and timeless right? Best bit about Nude packs is it works with any colour, and reduces your colour options and subsequently colour-indecision. Here are some more prime examples:

Nude Xpac BullPup Pack

Leather Brown Backpack 30LBullpup Backpack Black NudeSpare Camel BlackGrey NudeSpare Camel Pack Nude PatchesBullpup Black Canvas Backpack Nude PatchedMedicPack Forest GreenNude Tan Canvas BackpackNude Canvas BullPup Backpack


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