No Dangle Webbing

Fact: Dangling webbing is dangerous.
Fact: We’ve created a way to stop dangling webbing.

The excuse “I am late because of snagged webbing” is no longer going to fly. In all seriousness though, have you ever found part of your bag snagging/slapping on your bike/wheel/passing hottie? Our video below shows a feature that comes standard on all our bags with potential dangling-issues, which ensures this will never happen to you.

The Loop webbing ends come standard on all our packs and bags with long webbing.

Dave here from BOgear. I thought I’d just show a quick feature, which is on all of our bag, especially the messenger bags and backpacks that have 25mm buckles and clips on the front flap. This feature is essentially a way to stop dangling webbing getting in the way and annoying you. This is particularly dangerous when you are riding a bike.

What is the issue?
On the main flap clips, there is a tonne of webbing that hangs down, and when you are riding a bike it flaps around and can get tangled in your wheels, or tangled in your brakes. It can cause a lot of trouble (wish I could have thought of a better word!).

How to solve this
Essentially on the ends of this webbing, we have some Loop tabs. This Loop allows you to match it up with the “hook” on your front flap. Stick it down and now you wont have it dangling as much. As you can see it won’t get caught in anything.

The “other” method
There is another method we use on 50mm webbing. With our messenger bags, we’ve got the main clip webbing with the Loop on the ends. But we also have a 50mm adjustable main strap. When you put on the bag and tighten up the webbing, it dangles around and gets in the way. You may notice on the Sindrome and the Elephantitus we have a tri-glide which can slide up and down. This allows you to shortens the main strap, stopping it from flapping and getting in the way. It’s a very similar concept, but without using Hook or Loop.

I hope you enjoyed this explanation as to why there is Loop on the ends of our 25mm front clip webbing. If you have a burning question about any of our gear, please contact us!

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