Ever wondered why our gear is priced the way it is? Watch as Dave explains our pricing, reveals we are listening, and discusses what we are doing to make BOgear more accessible to everyone.

Hey, Dave here from BOgear and one of the most common things I hear is “heck I love your gear, but gosh I can’t afford it”. Or “Oh my gosh, I really really want that custom bag but the budget doesn’t quite reach”. So I’ve been a University student before and I know what it is like to survive on MiGoreng and still desire the latest piece of kit. So I thought I would shoot this video to help you understand why our pricing is the way it is, and show what we are trying to do to make our gear more accessible to everyone.

Simply put, the reason why our gear is priced the way it is, is because it is made in Australia using our highly skilled and highly trained team coupled with the high cost of quality, durable raw materials.

So realising it is outside some peoples budgets we are finding ways to reduce that barrier. We also understand that you like choices. Choices for example is why Strawberry being the least popular flavour is still put into Neapolitan Ice-cream. People simply like choices. So what we are proposing to do is a “Neapolitan Ice-cream test”, introducing a test bag manufactured overseas into our lineup.

So some people really value where their gear is made, while others really only value the gear itself. Recognising this we want to give you the option to choose and in doing so, introduce a lower price backpack into our range; Something that we simply couldn’t do with our Australian Manufacturing.

So what is the first product? Well it is something you have been asking for for a while; a 20L pack with drink bottle pockets. Tentatively called “The Subbie” it will be available for sub, or under $100 Australian. So for our international customers that is about $65 to $70USD. And despite the low price will still be built to our high BOgear standards. I’ll personally be flying over for production and will ensure the pack will be built to be Dirtified Worldwide.

So how will you know where your bag is built? Well we are fiercely proud of our Australian Made gear, of our Team, and their capabilities. Because of this all our Australian Made bags will be proudly labelled as so both on the website and on tags on the bags themselves.

So I’m pretty excited as I know a cheaper bag is what a lot of people have been clamouring for. We listened, and we simply couldn’t do it in Australia. So now we are giving you the choice.

So I’m Dave from BOgear and I’ll be showcasing the internationally produced sub-$100 bag, The Subbie, in another video. Cheers!

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  • scottmanning

    Dave, I seriously doubt you are looking at buying a Lamborghini on the profits of running this business! Some obvioulsy think you are. I work in a small manufacturing business and I know how hard it can be.

    Personally I don’t think your prices are out of range. You have Australian wages, Australian rent to pay etc as you point out. The trouble is with those who think they are exorbitant. Folks want to earn a good wage, but are unwilling to pay a good wage when it comes to rendering payment for goods and services!! This day in age people are not willing to pay for quality. The old saying “only a rich man can afford to buy cheap tools” is truer now than it has always been. 50years ago, a cheap tool wasn’t that far from a quality one. Today they are light years apart! I am sure you know all this as it’s been happening for years – downward pressure on pressures pushing quality, or as I have seen lately, quantity down (reducing volumes of packaging but selling at the same price) and hence we have seen the death (or near death) of manufacturing in Australia. Corporate greed also comes into play (I see it at my workplace) where they do not want to sell something that will last a life time because there will be no repeat business! !

    I would say that if someone cannot afford a bag from you, then they cannot afford to buy from china either. That they should give it a while and save up, buy the real deal and live long and happily likely to never need to replace said bag. There is the other problem… saving, budgeting has been lost but I won’t go there either!

    I see that you are trying to capture more of the market by introducing a Chinese made bag but it saddens me that you have done so. I really hope we don’t see BOGear slowing moving manufacturing OS over the coming years. In the end, this is a business, and you need to make a living so you gotta do what you gotta do. But I for one hope it never happens.

    As with many things… “Use it or lose it” applies to “made in Australia”. I am glad there are guys like yourself persisting in this market with local Manufacturing. Other businesses are doing the same thankfully, such as Scody (manufacturing in Brisbane) and Shaver Heaven (in NSW).

    My only regret here is I don’t have need for more BOGear!

    Okay… I’ve had my rant.. Hope you have a great day bringing awesome locally made products to life!


    • bocrew


      Thank you VERY much for the detailed and heart felt reply. Much appreciated. To hear your opinion, especially as you work in a small Australian Manufacturing business as well, just further reiterates my thoughts.

      Truth is I am fiercely, FIERCELY proud of our Team and what we do right here in Australia. I genuinely feel like we give other brands a run for their money with regards to quality and features when weighed up against cost. Throwing Australian Made into the mix is just icing on the cake for me. Thing is though I constantly feel like I am hitting my head against a wall sometimes. I could talk about how well made a bag is, or how it will be the last bag you will likely ever buy, but for some people it doesn’t matter. Cost only matters.

      I know that I can’t please everyone, and even if our gear were half or a quarter of the price someone would still complain. Yet I have to try, coupled with the burning desire to make the world of BOgear accessible to everyone regardless of their budget.

      If this test pack works out, what I plan to do is use it to show people how good BOgear really is regardless of their budget. I know many a customer who umm’d and ahh’d for a long time before grabbing some BOgear. Then when it was in their hands the penny dropped and they understood; they then came back with friends and family and work colleagues, sharing the love and introducing them to our gear.

      I feel BOgear’s growth to date has been through this word of mouth; of Friends and Clients and Customers talking about us, and loving what we do. The only reason it could be this way is because we are transparent and open and honest. We don’t try and hide. If we make a mistake, we will happily own up. These trials and tribulations are on show to everyone. Why am I saying this? Well again, if it works, what I plan to do is keep BOgear Custom and Australian Made. The International Series will be an entry level pack, introducing people to the world of BOgear, and what can be done, and how it SHOULD be done. Australian Made WILL remain the key core of BOgear, its just we will have a tangential arm which introduces what we do at a more entry level price. Australian Made will always be the most expensive; but it will be our premium flagship product of which I am most proud of.

      I hope this helps and wasn’t too waffly. Like I said, I wear my heart on my sleeve and want to be open and transparent with everything we do here at BOgear.

      Thanks again for taking the time to pen down your thoughts!



      • scottmanning

        Well, emotion aside, it makes sense to capture that part of the market that won’t pay despite the benefits being shown. They were lost anyway, so hopefully they’ll see, once they have a BO pack what quality craftsmanship is, or would be, if they step up to the real deal. I guess this is a way to make the proverbial horse, drink.

        • bocrew

          Thanks Scott!

          Emotion unfortunately is what motivates everyone. Hope this decision to test the waters doesn’t drive others away. My core goal for BOgear is to remain Custom Australian Made, and I don’t want to lose those who also believe in this.

        • scottmanning

          I don’t think you’ll do that Dave, unless you cease making your Aussie made products. Thumbs up.