Multicam Black

You know how much we love playing around with new materials, such as waxed canvas, Xpac and so forth. Which is why when a customer sourced some 500D Multicam Black Cordura we jumped at the chance to make some gear for him! Check out his beautiful matching set:


This is such a nice material to work with. Softer on the hand, which results in a cleaner, smoother sew; and from an end users perspective results in a lighter and softer bag! Plus how awesome does the dark and subdued print look?

Now here is the kicker; the customer that sourced this went to great lengths to design his own ultimate bag. How great a length? Well this fabric can not be found in Australia. It has to be imported directly from The States, and at the time there was licensing issues such that international sales were not possible. This has since changed, but at the time you had to get the fabric shipped to a friend in USA, who would then forward it on to you. Yes, great lengths.

And then there were the buckles. On the BullPup backpack are two Austri-Alpin Cobra buckles. These are rated strong enough to pull a car, and are virtually indestructible. Heck people build parachute and climbing harnesses with these in it. They also cannot be sourced from within Australia. Re-enter the painful process of shipping to an American friend who would then forward on to Australia.


And then to continue in the matching set theme, more Cobra buckles were sourced for the Duffle bag. However at $25-$30AUD per buckle plus shipping, it was decided to find the slightly cheaper Cobra GT’s. These are a relatively new buckle on the market which are a plastic version. Lighter in weight and cheaper on the wallet. Thankfully there is a grey-importer of these in Australia and so the buckles could be sourced from Melbourne. HOWEVER, they were accidentally sent to the wrong address and although it only put an extra day or two on the wait, you can easily understand how much the customer would be chomping at the bit to get the bags built! 4 months from start of sourcing to finished and in the customers hands… a long DEDICATED wait indeed!


The best bit? 1m of fabric was graciously donated to us to do as we see fit. So we really wanted to make the other most popular bag in it; our Spare Camel backpack. This is now on its way to aBagHabit, and boy does it look nice too…


And then because we don’t like a matching set to just be a pair (how boring!) we went and made a Jersey Pouch out of it. This was thrown in as a bonus for the customer as we know how much of an effort he went to to get this gear rolling.



Honestly I know this wont be the last we see of Multicam Black, and REALLY look forward to seeing the next bag iteration of this wicked material. We don’t have this in stock, so if you want something built for you, you will need to source it. It is much easier now as direct import is available!

Love it? Leave your comments below, absolutely love to know YOUR opinion!

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  • Nathan_Rodger

    Brilliant work, mate! LOVE my bags… thank you for all your patience on this mate…. looks like my bag geekery almost geeked out the bag geeks? ;-)

    • bocrew

      Cheers Nathan! And you totally geeked us out! ;)

  • Adam Leddin

    Wow. Nicest set of luggage I’ve seen for a very long time. Congrats to everyone involved!