Seen some really snazzy two-tone BOgear pack and want to recreate it, or something like it for yourself? Can’t find the option in the drop down menu? Let us help…

We often make two-tone packs, or multiple colour packs and boy do they look special. Here is one of my personal favourites, which melds Darks with Camos and a splash of Orange:

WTF Camo Camelpack GoRuck alternative

Thing is, our website doesn’t allow you to order this, so how do you order it? Here is a typical enquiry:

Dear BOgear Duders,

I can see you make some wicked packs. I really like some of those two tone versions. I can’t seem to select two different exterior colours from the drop down menu. How do I go about ordering?

Thank you,

Legend Customer.

Thing is, it is really easy to order. You can either leave the magic up to us (we design it for you) or you can specify it yourself. So our reply is usually:

Dear Legend Customer,

Thanks for the interest in our gear. Stoked you are keen on some custom goodness, those two tone versions in particular look ace!

We call those two tone versions “WTF”, and it allows the Cutting Team to mix complementary colours together. For instance you could choose “WTF Dark” and the Team would mix some dark colours such as Black, Brown, Grey, Khaki and so forth, really making a stand out unique bag.

If you were keen on choosing your own colours, select “WTF” option from the drop down menu, and then when your order confirmation email comes through hit Reply. Let us know which colour you would like where, and if you can attach an image for reference. This way the Team will nail it, and get it exactly to your colour preferences!
Hope this helps.


BOgear Team

Want two tone? Select “WTF” from the colour option. The team will then construct the awesomeness for you. If you have specific colour ideas, still select “WTF” but then hit reply to your Order Confirmation Email. Let the team know your ideas and once again they will construct the awesomeness for you, only this time to YOUR specifications!

Look forward to building something custom for you! The Team absolutely love experimenting with colours.

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  • Alfonsus D. Johannes

    hi BOgear,
    any plans to have Spare Camel update with separate laptop compartment?

    thanks :)

    • bocrew

      Hi Alfonsus,
      We do have our Medic Pack with a secondary compartment.
      This was designed for Water Bladders, but would function well as a laptop pocket. The wall between the two compartments is padded, while the wall closest to your back is also padded. Only bit missing padding is the base (too small to put foam here), but you can put something removable for protection at your end.

      If you are looking for a specific pack with padded laptop pocket other than the above, no we do not have one available at the moment.



      • Edward Leong

        Hi Dave

        This is Edward, nice to meet you we are professional backpack manufacturer. Does your company have import bags from china? We can supply competitive bags for you.

        Welcome contact with us to get more informations.

        thanks&best regards