Meet The Team!

Want to meet the highly skilled team who make Bag Envy a reality? These are the people who converse with you via email / phone / the socials, take your awesome colour ideas, cut them out, sew them together, add upgrades as required, and then trim, photograph and get the gear to you in under four weeks. They are absolute whizzes at what they do. Meet the BOgear team…

Bright-WTFFelisa.  Felisa has been with us since the early days of operating under our rental house. She has also been production sewing for over 34 years and chances are if you own a BOgear product she was involved in the crafting of it somewhere along the process. Felisa prefers to remain anonymous, so all you get to see are her hands which do amazing things on our sewing machines

Gene-Walking-FootGene.  Gene started work in our studio over the Christmas period of 2014. This Christmas period was a mad rush yet she stepped up to the plate and blew us away with her speed and talent. With over 17 years production sewing experience under her belt she has helped us streamline certain designs. Her specialty is our Spare Camel and BullPup Backpacks, as well as the shoulder straps for all the bags. However she is comfortable sewing all of our designs.

Jesse-Organising-WTFJesse.  Jesse is “the new guy” here at BOgear (yes, that is his title on LinkedIn) and is heavily involved in the preparation and post-processing of all our gear. This includes coming up with wicked WTF style pack combinations, cutting all components (webbing, fabric, lining, and so forth), as well as trimming, photographing and posting. Industrial Design trained, he also has started working on some of our prints and graphics, as well as video work. He is starting to learn the ropes of our pattern design rules, so wont be long before he is designing future BOgear packs and gear!

Paracord-ValentineSimon.  Simon has been with BOgear for over five years, filling in random shifts and helping us get things done when the studio is crazy busy. However in the last two years has stepped up and taken a more full time roll. Currently studying marketing at university he has started to apply his knowledge to our marketing efforts. From a day to day perspective Simon is also part of our preparation team; cutting, trimming, photographing, packing and posting. Not content with standard WTF combinations, he decided to raise the bar and invented our Patchwork WTF Packs. Simon also regularly raids our scrap bin, figuring out ways to create useful things out of our off-cuts. Our Simple Sally Sack is the first product designed by Simon along these lines.

Dave-Shoulder-StrapsDave.  Well this is me, and no I’m not smoking a cigarette while sewing, it’s a chalk pencil. I started BOgear in 2008 in a spare bedroom of a tiny apartment my girlfriend at the time (now wife) and I were renting. I’m pretty much self taught at sewing and was heavily involved in production up until the start of 2015. Since this time I have taken a step back allowing the team to take all the credit. This step back allows me to focus on the business as a whole rather than on a “what needs to be done” basis. In addition I am virtually running BOgear remotely (almost a Digital Nomad!) as I am back and forth from Katherine NT where my wife lives and works, and Brisbane QLD where the studio is based. This travel back and forth would probably explain our growth in travel related gear such as our new Trobble Sacks!

Now thats it for introductions, but want to see the team in action? Make sure you check out our “fly on the wall” video showing a batch construction of our BullPup backpack!

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  • Michael McClean

    What a team!

    • bocrew

      :) Cheers Michael! :)

  • Nathan Dailo

    Amazing! I’m really digging the personaly of BOgear from the company perspective, and how you personally run it, Dave. I’m a huge fan of being able to put a bunch of friendly faces to a business that pumps out great products. The remote aspect must be a pretty huge bonus too. A massive thank you to putting so much into a what needs to be an iconic Aussie brand. High fives all around to you and your team!

    • bocrew

      Cheers Nathan! We are a small and dedicated team, so I figure why not show everyone off! The team put a considerable amount of pride in their work. :)

      Thanks again for the kind words, look forward to building a bag for you (going to reply veeeery shortly!!)

      • Nathan Dailo

        Only just realized you guy were going through a move, so no worries at all!