Medic Pack

Our Medic Pack is a serious piece of kit designed for serious work. 40L of “Open Source” Medic carrying potential. Rip, sort, stack, segregate and organise your gear YOUR way.

Why “Open Source”? Well our Medic Pack’s main 30L compartment is ready for attaching interior pouches, flip boards and other sorting and organising gear. Plug and play with your own pouches, or grab some from us to segregate, sort and organise all your daily equipment. Although designed with Medics in mind, this pack is perfect as a Bug Out Bag, or as a base for a solid Camera pack. The secondary compartment closer to your back is 10L in volume and would comfortably fit two 3L water-bladders, or laptops and other digital paraphernalia.

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  • Gian Serra

    Hey Dave, is the bottom of the laptop/water bladder compartment also padded?

    • bocrew

      Hi Gian,

      No the bottom of the water bladder compartment is not padded. If using it as a laptop compartment – without protecting your laptop with an extra sleeve/case – my recommendation would be to place a little bit of padding here.

      We experimented with padding but couldn’t find the right balance between protection, comfort and bulk.

      We are working on some laptop sleeves / cases ;) Would be perfect in this application!