Matchy Matchy Multicam Black

Anyone else like Multicam Black?
Supplied by the customer, this is one HELL of an awesome Camel pack! Yellow ‘tacks just pull the colours out of the camo.

Spare Camel Multicam Black-MulticamBlack Yellow

It’s not just a pack either…
Matchy Matchy Pure Sexiness.
Multicam Black everything!

Spare Camel Multicam Black-Multicam Black Matching bundle

This awesome matchy matchy set (Spare Camel, CellBlock-M & Simple Sally) begs two questions. Firstly how do you order something unavailable, and secondly how can you grab the ultimate matchy-matchy set – like this, or built to your specifications?

In this instance the Multicam Black fabric, webbing and Cobra Buckles were all supplied by the customer. We are open to working with awesome once off material, which we might not necessarily stock, and in this instance we jumped at the opportunity. We delved into what sort of fabrics and materials we can work with in a past discussion, which should hopefully get you up to speed! We’ve worked with all of these individual materials previously, but not in one “all-encompassing” amazeballs bag like this.

Needless to say the customer who is located overseas is stoked with the pack:

The pack arrived today and is amazing thank you for your hard work it has turned out better than I had hoped.
Took a real gamble as I had not seen your work in person but was well worth it!

Hearing that the customer had “not seen our work in person” yet took the gamble and felt it was worth it certainly makes me pumped. It proves the quality of what we do, and the hard work and dedication of the team! It also proves that the reviews you leave, and the word of mouth you spread is helping us grow! THANK YOU!

Now to the second part of the equation; How do you grab the ultimate matchy-matchy set like this? Well… you just ask! We don’t make smaller pouches available for custom work due to the high associated manufacturing costs, but when you go all out supplying fabric/buckles/webbing/etc, we are more than happy to cut and process at the same time.

So if you want something matching, please don’t hesitate to hit reply to your order confirmation email and discuss your ideas with the Team!

Can’t wait to see what other awesome matching gear combinations come through the studio next!

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