Lockable Zip Body

Perusing the custom side of our website and you might just notice a little “tick box” asking if you want an upgrade of Lockable Zip Body. What is it, and why would you need it?

Lockable Zip Body WebsiteThis is the Feature Modification that we are referring to.

Essentially we now have two zip pulls available: Lockable & Standard.

Lockable zips use a different style of zip body which allows a lock to be attached. Ours are zinc coated (silver looking). The lock physically joins the two bodies of the zip together, as opposed to joining just the two tabs together. As the lock attaches to the body of the zip you can comfortably remove the pull tab, and replace with paracord.

As the lock attaches to the body of the zip it is much harder to break (a simple pair of pliers doesn’t cut it). This is the best choice if you are particularly worried about heading to high risk pick-pocket environments.

In the below photo you can see the zip body with the hole for the lock. You can also see that the zip pull tabs have been removed and replaced with paracord without losing the ability to lock.


Our standard zips can still be locked in a pinch so long as you haven’t removed the zip pull. You simply attach the lock through the pull tab. This is best for low theft environments as it is still very easy to break into as you require only a simple pair of pliers to cut the zip pull tabs.

In the below photo you can see our standard zip pulls locked together. You can also see that with a simple pair of pliers the lock can be easily removed.


A word of caution: Lockable Zips do not 100% protect you from theft, it simply provides a visual deterrent for pick pockets. Thieves can still slash your bag with a razor blade, or snatch your bag while you are not attentive. Also make sure you lock your zips to your side compression buckle webbing otherwise you can easily break in with only a BIC pen.

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