Lining Colours

I’ve had a few people ask what lining colours we have available, and what they look like. We often photograph the outside of a bag, but neglect the inside! So lets take a closer look!

Well, we are always rotating through colours, but here are the current lining colour options available.

Dark Grey
Dark Grey is a safe bet. It goes with pretty much anything. It is dark enough that it doesn’t easily mark, yet light enough that you don’t lose things into the recesses of your bag. This is my personal go-to favourite colour, especially if you are uncertain.


Maroon is getting low on stock, so if you are keen make sure you get in quick! It is also darker in colour meaning it doesn’t show marks easily, yet isn’t too dark to lose items. It has a gentle maroon tinge to it, which means it ties in with most colours, but can have the potential to clash. However as it is on the inside of your bag, you wont notice most of the time!


Purple, is a beautiful rich colour, just like Jacaranda flowers. Very vibrant and very colourful. Honestly can talk any more about how stunning it is?! What I love about this colour is the punch, the “wow” factor when you open your bag. It surprisingly goes with just about all exterior colours, however isn’t for some people. It is bright enough that you don’t lose items in your bag, but despite this doesn’t show as many marks as you may first think.


As always, these custom colours can be built into YOUR bag, YOUR way. Available under the “Custom Designs” tab.

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