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We have been busy pumping out the new version of our Jersey Pocket Pouch for a while now, yet somehow forgot to tell you about the latest updates. So, time is ripe! This is our updated version, and after listening to our customers, here are a couple of ways people have been using them.

TIP: It doesn’t just go in your cycling jersey!

Our Jersey Pocket Pouch is a waterproof pouch designed to fit your phone, wallet, and keys while keeping your valuables safe and protected from sweat, dirt, mud and the elements when you are cycling.


As the name suggests, it is a small size so it will fit in your cycling jersey pocket but it also comes equipped with two strips of VELCRO® ONE-WRAP®, which means it can be strapped under your seatpost and be used as a toolbag if you like. It comfortably fits two road tubes, a basic patch kit, tyre levers and a small multitool.


In addition to that, we found that people also use it strapped to their shoulder strap. Using the ONE-WRAP® again, you can strap it to your shoulder strap and it gives you a waterproof, safe place to put your phone and swipe card key to gain access to your building.


The final way people use it is to clip it onto the webbing on the front of the bag, or hang it from the two d-rings at the top inside of our backpacks. You can hang it there using the ONE-WRAP® again. Listen to music while you’re riding, and know your iPod is in a safe spot, high and dry and nowhere near the rain.


So you are probably wondering what the difference is between the old and updated version. Simply, we have iPhones here at BOgear and we completely forgot that there are other versions of iBrains on the market. We originally sized it for the iPhone and later discovered it does not fit some of the larger phones like the HTC. The updated version is just a little bit bigger to fit the larger sized phones, and some phones with chunkier cases. This also means when used as a seat bag, you can now fit more kit! Bonus!

Good news is our updated Jersey Pocket Pouch is available from our website as of now! Grab ‘em while they are fresh!


*VELCRO® and ONE-WRAP® are registered trademarks of Velcro BVBA, used with permission

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