iPhone 6 Pouch

The new iPhone 6 has just been announced. Well I say “just” because I am usually a little behind the times, but I only “just” found out about it! I know this as people are now calling, emailing, and asking whether our Jersey Pocket Pouch fits the new iPhone 6.

Based upon the dimensions I can find online, yes, the Jersey Pocket will easily fit the new iPhone 6. Don’t be confused however, it won’t fit the 6 plus. That requires something larger like our CellBlock M!

Waterproof phone pouch iPhone 6

Just to confirm, these are the dimensions I found online, and are as mocked up above:
iPhone 6: 138mm x 67mm x 6.9mm

So, the Jersey Pocket Pouch is weatherproof, can be strapped under your bike seat, to your shoulder strap, or chucked in your jersey pocket. And it fits the new iPhone 6! (Thank goodness, as I didn’t want to have to make it bigger yet again!)

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  • Nick Dawbarn

    Can confirm that an iPhone 6 fits nicely :)

    • bocrew

      Cheers Nick! Appreciated. (after all we only have a “pretend” iphone 6!) ;)