Introducing The Subbie Backpack

I’m pretty excited to introduce The Subbie to you! Our “Neapolitan Ice Cream Test” bag, it is the first BOgear pack manufactured overseas. Designed as a cheaper Entry Level pack it serves as an introduction to the world of BOgear, while also containing a feature a lot of people have been craving; Drink Bottle Pockets. Subbie is currently available on pre-order at 10% off. Lets delve in and check this pack out.

Dave here from BOgear, and this is the Subbie. This is the first pack that we’ve produced which is manufactured overseas. We’ve shot another video explaining the reasoning behind this decision, but the main reason why is people want to have a cheaper pack and we simply couldn’t produce a cheaper Entry Level pack to our high standards here in Australia.

So the Subbie is called The Subbie because it is sub $100. That is $100 Australian, so for US customers this is roughly $65 – $70 USD and we simply couldn’t do that using our Australian Made capabilities. Because of this we had to design it from the ground up and focus on manufacturing elsewhere. Manufactured in Vietnam it is based off our BullPup backpack, but slightly bigger at 20L in volume. In addition, the main feature difference is it has drink bottle pockets on the side.

So the Subbie has a height of 460mm, a width across the front of 260mm, and a depth of 165mm; again roughly a 20L volume. Like the BullPup it has clipping webbing on the front, the reflective tape on the bottom for night time safety, and it also has a little pocket on the top front for quick access items. Flipping around to the back it has a 5mm high density EVA foam back pad and features contoured and tapered shoulder straps complete with the floating shoulder strap system at the top. We have gone for a 3mm air mesh on the underneath but it isn’t like a typical “open” mesh so it won’t actually pick up little sticks and stones and it won’t abrade away at your clothes or skin. It almost feels like a neoprene on the underneath so it is very soft and provides that beautiful feeling when it is being worn. So it is 10mm of high density EVA foam with a 3mm next to your skin.

Subbie 20L Backpack

The pack itself is constructed from a 610D Poly Cordura, so it is a Polyester Cordura. Whereas the inside of the pack is a 200D Polyester lining. The actual pack itself comes in at 540 grams (1.19 pounds) so it is rather lightweight. To come in at the sub $100 we had to design it accordingly. Because of this it doesn’t have the same front pleated mesh pocket down the bottom as the BullPup, but does have the mesh pleated pocket on the top. Basically we have taken as many features as we possibly can out of the BullPup and put it in the Subbie without reducing the usability.

So we have the single pleated mesh pocket on the front interior wall and a slip pocket on the back. This isn’t our pleated pocket design, but instead is a slip pocket, which will fit smaller size laptops, notes and paper as well as a hydration bladder. We have included a simple hook and loop system for a hydration bladder at the top, and you run the hydration bladder hose out the hydration hole; again this is taken from the BullPup pack. Two hanging D-rings are on the top and this is for hanging accessory pouches like our CellBlock, EDC / Digital Nomad Pouch or any other sort of pouch which you may already have.

The main thing you will probably notice is unlike the BullPup which lays out completely flat, the Subbie only zips open halfway. This means it is really good as a book bag or something in which you don’t have to access the whole amount. It also gives a little bit of a “tub” at the bottom for carrying and ensuring that your gear is not going to fall out. In addition to this the main difference is the drink bottle pockets on the side which uses a very stretchy – super stretchy – elastic mesh. That means it will fit the 1L Nalgene bottles in there… so you can fit two Nalgene bottles, one on each side of the pack. Actually it is quite surprising how much you can fit in there; I have fit while travelling and testing with it a jumper on one side and a massive 1.5L water bottle on the other.

The zips used on our other bags are a #10. On this bag here we have gone for a slightly lighter weight #8. This is not as light as the interior zips which are #5, but is a #8. We have chosen a Racquet Coil zip as opposed to a standard Coil zip. Racquet Coil basically is more abrasive resistant and will last a longer time when compared to a standard Coil zip. The reason for this is the teeth rather than being completely square are actually ever so slightly on an angle. What this means is the thread which runs along the length of the zip doesn’t get abraded away as quick. So for a pack like this that will be used for University, School or every day activities it will last a long time.

Subbie Backpack Paracord

While I remember as well, on the back – the shoulder straps do have the ability to accept our Sternum Strap Upgrade and it does also have the ability to carry the Hip Belt Lite Upgrade. The other feature which I forgot to mention earlier is in regards to Paracord. The Subbie does come standard with 550 Paracord, which is US produced paracord on all the zip pulls. This makes it bigger and easier to hold on to.

So I’m Dave from BOgear, and this is the Subbie. The Sub $100 pack available from BOgear. Cheers.

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