Installing your Sternum Strap

Our sternum strap is a neat addition to your backpack which helps reduce shoulder fatigue. Available when you purchase our packs, it can also be installed at a later date if you decide it is necessary. Watch as Dave shows you how to install this simple yet effective backpack upgrade.

Dave here from BOgear and this is our sternum strap. It is completely removable. This means you can grab it as an upgrade later on if needed, and here is how to attach it to your bag.

You need to attach the sternum strap to the webbing pockets below the d-rings on your shoulder straps. There are two pocket options here; so when you put it on the left pocket, match it to the same height on the right pocket.

1. To install, line the sternum strap up so the BO logo faces so that when you are wearing the bag, someone can read it.
2. Now you run the webbing behind the shoulder strap
3. Tuck the webbing end back into the shoulder strap clipping pocket
4. Weave it through the buckle.
5. This is now attached, however to ensure it doesn’t accidentally come undone, double the webbing back through the buckle.
6. Pull the webbing tight so it doesn’t rattle around.

You have now attached the sternum strap to one shoulder strap. Simply repeat for the other side!

Once attached to the other shoulder strap, if you find that the strap is too long (and dangles too much), you can reduce this dangling webbing by taking up extra slack in the slide buckle (do this when you double the webbing back).

If you find the sternum strap placement is too high or low, you can move it up and down different pockets on the shoulder strap. Just make sure you match the left height to the right sides height!


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