How to Pack Light (carry on only)!

I travel a lot with BOgear. A combination of “needing” to test gear, mixed with traveling back and forth from NT to our Brisbane Studio. I particularly love traveling light with carry on baggage only as it means I am out of the airport quick smart, and am easily mobile when at my destination without having to lug around suitcases full of “just in case” stuff.

I never used to be a light weight packer. In fact I struggled (getting better and better each time), but after releasing our BullPup Backpack put it upon myself to see if I could travel for 10 days with only 18L of volume. Extreme jump for me, but I nailed it, and discovered how liberating it was, and since then haven’t looked back. It isn’t hard to be a light packer, but beginning can be daunting.

Dean Roberts from recently asked me what my advice to beginners who are wanting to pack light would be. He then compiled my answer along with 50 other travellers, light packers, digital nomads, and one-bag-gurus. Humbling to be part of the expert panel, but also fantastic to see tips and techniques which I already use to help pack light.

Head on over to PackingLite to read Dean’s 50 Travel Experts Advice to Beginners for Packing Light.

Want to hear my answer?

This is it (and sorry about my shitty scrawl):

Dirt How To Travel Light Travel TipsAbove is my tip in flowchart form.

Always ask yourself: Do I really need this?
Closely followed by: Can I get this at my destination?

If the answer to the first is NO, then don’t take it. If YES, move to your next question.
Chances are you can indeed can get everything at your final destination, and you wont be bringing it with you. I can’t think of a single thing apart from my computer and digital peripherals which I truly need to bring with me. Forgotten clothes can always be bought, along with toiletries and other “important” items. Before you know it you will be travelling without it, and not feel that you need it. This is truly liberating!

You honestly don’t need everything that you think you do.

There are 49 other fantastic tips over on PackingLite. Go check them out!

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