How to Fold Royd Bike Bag

Our Royd bike bag is easily foldable and packable so you can ride to and from the airport. But unless you have watched our entire video on how to use Royd, chances are you might not know how to fold up this bike case. So, we’ve thrown together a little how to, or tutorial if you will. Here is how to fold Royd!

Step One
Lay Royd down on a flat surface.
You may notice a tonne of straight seam work. These seams are what you fold along, and become the “origami” folding prompt lines!



Step Two
Second step you fold the zip border down flat to help reduce bulk in later steps. I find it helps to do the 25mm buckles up so there is little slack in the webbing.


Step Three
Next we fold up the base. Try to keep the base felt flat. This also helps to reduce bulk in later steps.


Step Four
Now begins the “origami” folding along seam lines. Fold one side inwards, using the seam line as reference.


Step Five
Next we repeat for the other side. Fold the side in, using the seam line as reference.


Step Six
Next is to fold Royd down, again using the seam as a visible fold line. It is best to also tuck the 50mm seatbelt webbing shoulder straps in at this step, to reduce them flapping around. You can easily start to see how quickly the bike bag folds up at around this stage!

Folding-Bike-CaseStep Seven
Continue folding Royd downwards using the seam line as reference. By now it should look rectangular.

Folding-Royd-Bike-Case-Step-7Step Eight
Woot! You are finished. Well, you will be once you complete this step. And all you have to do is fold Royd in half using the seam line as a fold line. So simple!



Step Nine
Okay maybe I lied in the last step. So although you might have finished folding it, you still haven’t finished packing Royd!
Simply stuff Royd in the supplied packing case.



Step Ten
Once securely stuffed in the packing case, zip it up, clip it up, and ride away. You don’t have to always strap Royd to your back either. Check out the multiple ways to get this weight off your back!


I hope this how to lesson made sense! If you have any questions don’t hesitate to leave a comment below or email us! Oh, and you can grab a prebuilt Royd here, or go a little crazy and design your own interesting colour via our Custom Bag section! Happy designing!

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