How To Attach Cellblocks

Our Cell Blocks, being the Cell Block L and Cell Block M, are designed to be put inside your bag, to hang from inside your bag, or to be rigged up to the outside of your bag or worn on a belt. They really are a versatile piece of gear, incredibly useful for creating extra space in, around, or on your current bag.  This video shows how to attach these pouches to your bag using our Clipping Webbing.

You can also use this “weaving” method to attach your Royd Bike Bag to your Spare Camel (or any bag with Clipping Webbing)

Two removable attachment straps come standard with the Cell Block M which allow you to rig it to the outside of your bag. The Cell Block L comes with two long compression straps attached which are used to rig the pouch in place. It can be rigged to any of the bags that have the clipping webbing on the outside. In our backpack range this would be the Spare CamelChunky Toad, or Shrinkage; while in the messenger bag range being the Elephantitus, and Sindrome.

To attach:
1. Undo the clips/barbs on the removable or permanent attachment straps;
2. Weave the webbing alternately through the Cell Block and the clipping webbing on the bag; and
3. Insert the end of the attachment strap back into the clip or the barb so that the sewn barb at the end secures it. (Have a look at the video on this page for a demonstration.)

As you can see from the demonstration, the alternate weaving creates a zig-zag pattern that forms a solid lock so that the Cell Block doesn’t move up or down – it is locked in place.

We hope that makes sense! If you have any other questions about rigging attachments up to your bags, or about how to use the Cell Block L or Cell Block M, please don’t hesitate to contact us, or leave a comment below!

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