FRS Pedal Straps for Iditarod

Our FRS Foot Straps are pretty hard wearing, and adjustable to fit up to a Size 13 steel cap work boot. What happens however when a “shoe” doesn’t fit? Well we make a bigger version!


Lets just put this in perspective however. These aren’t any old “shoe”. Instead they are an insulated and waterproof overboot for subzero arctic weather. These actually are overboots for a friend of ours who is heading to do the Iditarod race in Alaska next month. And they are big enough to fit Size 13 boots inside them, alongside insulated over pants and other insulation… needless to say they are huge!


So, knowing that they are going to be put through an incredibly demanding environment, we jumped at the chance to prove the toughness of our system. However, there were a few changes we made to make it live up to its task, including the obvious size adjustments.

1. We stiffened up the front foot
The lugs on the underside of the boot are very aggressive (they have removable metal studs!!) and so we wanted to reduce the likelihood of the boot snagging and pushing the pedal strap forward. By stiffening the front foot up this is unlikely to happen as it not only holds its shape (almost “cupping” itself around the boot so it wont touch until the final “my foot is in” position) but also to stop it flopping forward as you put your foot into the system.

Another added advantage of this stiffness is it reduces the likelihood of rubbing on your crank arm. This needs to be tested to ensure it is the case, but from first impressions it should work as designed!

2. We stiffened up the top section
We added a 1.5mm HDPE section to the top of the foot. This was to keep the large surface area over foot, which in turn makes you feel like you are “duct taped to the pedals”. We did this to keep the system rigid and stiff, so that the rear section doesn’t push forward. An interesting advantage of this is you can now shape the top section so that it stays in shape and reduces the likelihood of hot spots.

3. We added reflective tape
Purely for safety purposes we added broad strips of reflective tape to the outside of the FRS Straps. We were told there never could be enough reflective tape, so we made sure to put on as much as possible!

FRS-Iditarod-Fat-Bike-FRS-StrapsSo why is this system needed when there are clipless pedals on the market? Well in arctic situations there apparently are no clipless boots which are insulated and warm, as well as waterproof. Fat Bike riders are either relegated to clipless shoes with clunky waterproofing and no insulation, or this style boot (for more colder extremes). Given Iditarod is a race, physically being strapped into the bike is necessary to facilitate smooth, accurate and efficient cycling cadence. This is the best solution that we could come up with, and I absolutely cannot wait to hear the feedback.

Now for some warm and fuzzies. Good luck to Troy, the token Aussie giving this race a crack! Do us proud mate!


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