Forge Co: Frontline Pack

Pretty excited to officially announce that the Forge Co Frontline Pack is up and online, ready for pre-order! This system is available at a pre-order discounted price until the end of the month!


The Frontline Pack has to be the most comprehensively thought out pack system that I have ever had the pleasure of working on, mainly due to the ideas and dedication of Forge Co founder Michael. This is so thought out that it isn’t just a specific pack, but rather an entire system, modular in use and functionality yet incredibly dependable and strong regardless of what use you put it through.

Before I get too far ahead of myself lets take a step backwards. For the last year or so I have been working alongside Forge Co to develop a system specifically for Rural Firefighters, and other Emergency Service Personnel. As many roles exist in the RFS, it needed to be modular; in other words have the ability to carry a lot of gear should you be required to stay in a single location for a long period of time, a little amount of gear if you are constantly moving, or just a notepad and pen should you be part of command. With this pack system I truly believe Forge Co has nailed it!

Today I’ll showcase this design from a purely feature based point of view, and will get Michael to fully explain it from a RFS functionality view later.

The system consists of:

1. A removable hipbelt
2. A set of removable shoulder straps
3. A hydration section (closest to your back)
4. A cargo section (in the middle: it is the biggest volume)
5. A dump pouch section (the small pouch furthest from your back)


This system can be run separately, partially combined, or fully combined giving you volume from around 3L all the way up to 25L. Essentially this means you can run just the hipbelt and shoulder straps with the Dump pouch, or just the Hydration. From there you can add or subtract volume and compartments as needed. Each is attached to the bag using PALS (military standard) webbing, as well as with compression buckles and webbing. This means it is compatible with other military pouches, and is incredibly easy to remove.

Harness (hipbelt and shoulder straps)
The pack is designed to be worn low on the back so that when you are leaning over and slashing or cutting at undergrowth it wont fatigue your shoulders. Most of the weight thus sits on the broad hipbelt, and with adjustable shoulder straps from two ends the height point of the back can be easily adjusted. It will comfortably fit a large range of body heights, and because of the low wearing height helmets will not get snagged on the pack. 

Continuing on the specifics of the shoulder strap, these feature Side Release Buckles at their end; this gives you the ability to drop the pack in an emergency situation should the need arise. They also feature 10mm high density EVA foam for comfort regardless of the load size. Like our regular shoulder straps these are tapered and contoured so they wont rub or cut into your neck.

The hydration section of the bag accommodates up to 2x 3L water bladders (yes it can carry up to 6L of water, but for your situation it might not be necessary). It is very low profile (around 50mm depth) so wont impede your movement even in a tight fit area. Inside is a single mesh pocket for storing important personal items such as keys, phone or even basic cash.

There is a 10mm thick removable backpad as well as a sleeve to hold the hipbelt (so it doesn’t slide around). On the front wall of the bag is a series of PALS webbing which makes it easy to strap another compartment on.

Left side of the bag buckles are compatible with the Right side of the bag. This means you can use the compression webbing to cinch the bag down, strap things underneath it, OR if you were only running the hydration only, connect the two sides together. These buckles also mate perfectly with the Cargo buckles so it can be used as further attachment or cinch points when combined into an entire system.


The cargo section features the same PALS webbing on the front as the Hydration. This means you can “piggy-back” multiple pouches on top until your volume requirements are met. It also has the aforementioned side compression buckles, as well as two side handles for a secure hold when lifting into and out of a cab.

Interior wise is where the Cargo starts to shine. It allows you to sort and organise all your gear! This section is roughly 18L in volume and has two mesh pleated pockets on the front wall. Being constructed from mesh you can see the contents, and being pleated means it fits more than a normal flat style pocket. On the rear wall is another pleated mesh pocket, along with two drink bottle pockets below. These pockets fit up to 1L Nalgene bottles, as well as Gatorade or fuel bottles should it be needed.

All exterior paracord zip pulls are 350mm in length perfect for ease of opening even with thick and bulky gloves on.

Also of note are two external d-rings for strapping your helmet, as well as two lines of reflective tape. This reflective tape is also on all other components of the system so regardless of how many sections you use there will always be reflective tape visible.

Dump Section
The Dump section is like an “admin” pouch, it is here that you place pens, notebooks, papers, or other high access items which would otherwise be lost in a large pack. At roughly A5 in size, there are pockets on both walls allow organisation, including larger items.

This also attaches to the bag via PALS and has the reflective tape over the top, along with a Patch Panel for morale or unit/personal details.

So as you can see, this is a very detailed SYSTEM of a bag, allowing use from simple “Admin” through to almost overnight use! I am absolutely pumped about the design, even more so that it is now available for pre-order. Available exclusively from Forge Co (not through us), it is currently at a discounted rate until the end of the month. It will be available in two colours: Black on Black as shown, or Navy with Fluro Orange webbing. Stay tuned as I will bring you an update from Michaels usability perspective!

Sample of the Navy/Fluoro colouring below (this is an old sample, the design has changed and improved considerably!)


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  • Michael McClean

    Well written mate! It’s a bit surreal and exciting having pre-orders open from my end too!

    And let no one doubt the amount of work your craftmanship has put it – wouldn’t be a 10th of the pack it is without you guys slaving away in that humidity! ;)

    • bocrew

      Thanks Michael! :)

  • Gary Cooke

    Hi im just wondering how much these bags are
    my son and myself are looking for some new equipment for the new fire season