FLASH SALE: Dufflays!

We don’t often do this, but we are having a Flash Sale on our Dufflays!

Dave here from BOgear, and if you’ve been with us for a while, you would know we don’t often do sales – especially on our Custom Gear. Today is a bit of a first as we are having a Flash Sale on our Stock Dufflays and our Custom Dufflays.

Why are we doing this? Well we are doing a big batch of Duffles next week for a client and figured why not chuck a couple extra in during the bulk cutting. This saves a considerable amount of time as we don’t have to hand cut, and as such will pass this saving on to you. This batch will be cut first thing Monday morning, and so the Flash Sale will only last until midnight Sunday AEST. Get in quick!

$20 off both versions whether it is a Custom Duffle or stock Duffle.

Can’t wait to see what Duffle colour combo you come up with! And to reiterate; don’t forget this Flash Sale applies to both Stock Dufflays and Custom Dufflays (Yes, this is a first!)

Now for some inspiration:

Dufflay Grey 30L DuffleAssorted Bright PVC Duffles SaleAUSCAM DuffleCoyote Purple DuffleDufflay Black Olive Duffle Elastic sideDuffle Brown30L Duffle UCP Camo

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