Fathers Day Gift Guide

Fathers day is just around the corner. If you are anything like me you probably would have forgotten, or left everything to the last minute. If this is you, now is the time to think about what to grab your Dad – but don’t worry, we’ve got your back with Express Shipping Australia wide (next day in your hands).

We’ve thrown together a Fathers Day Gift Guide to help you get your Old Man sorted! Here are our top six Fathers Day gift ideas:

BullPup Backpack: $155 to $175
The BullPup is the ultimate little adventure pack. At 18L in volume it can carry a tonne, yet is manageable when empty. Super comfortable shoulder straps fit all shoulder shapes and widths, while internal pocket detailing helps organise even the most OCD of men. With unique styling and colours, it certainly stands out from other packs. You can grab these pre-built, or custom design your own to your Dad’s favourite colours. (“Custom” won’t make it on time for Fathers Day, but at least you can let your Dad know that you’ve thoughtfully designed a custom bag just for him!)

Check out the standard BullPup Backpacks, or the custom “design your own” BullPups here

BullPup Backpack Size

CellBlock M: $44
Our Cellblock M is perfect for organising all your EDC (every day carry). At A5 in size, it can fit notes, papers and pens; or all your laptop peripherals such as hard drives, cords and cables, card readers and mobile internet dongle-thingy. You can strap it to the outside of any of our packs, hang it from the inside top d-rings, or leave it loose for quick grab access. If your Dad is a little OCD about his EDC, then this is the B.A.G. for him.

Check out the Cell-M’s

CellBlock pouch contents for work and laptop peripherals

Trobble Sack: $19.95
These were originally built for my own Dad, so it seems rather fitting that it ends up in our Fathers Day Gift Guide. These organiser pouches are constructed from mesh and 300D polyester, and work well as a dedicated shoe bag, through to clothes organiser. If your Dad travels a lot he will appreciate being able to sort and organise his gear, keeping things manageable and ultimately tidy. No more backpack contents spilling everywhere during airport screening; Use our Trobble Sacks to keep everything neat, tidy, and sorted!

Check out the Trobble Sacks

Trobble Cell Shoe and Packing Bag

Jersey Pocket Pouch: $26.50
Is your Dad a cyclist? Chances are he will take his iBrain with him. Help him remain confident that it won’t get wet and wig out on him when he needs it the most. Grab one of our Jersey Pocket Pouches to keep his valuables safe from rain, dirt, sweat and tears (actually scratch that, not tears… ‘cause dad’s don’t cry). These pouches also double as a tool pouch for under the seat placement, and with a reflective strip on the outside add that extra touch of safety even if covered in tonnes of mud.

Check out the Jersey Pocket Pouch

Muddy CX Saddle Bag Jersey-Pocket-Pouch

FITYMI Patches: $10 / set, or $4 each
If your Dad is a legend, you should let him know. Remember the times he took you camping as a youngster, taught you how to chop firewood with one hand, or climb a tree while wearing an eye-patch? Oh, your Dad didn’t do that? Your Dad wasn’t weird like mine? Well, regardless, our FITYMI patches are a tongue in cheek poke at having fun outdoors, and your Dad probably wants to be a big little kid again. So grab him some patches and go do some outdoorsy stuff.

Check out the FITYMI Patches

Patches FITYMI

Dufflay Duffle Bag: $98
Simple and sleek, yet supremely functional (I tried really hard to find a lot of “S’ words, so give me credit please). Honestly our Dufflay at 25L in volume is the ultimate duffle bag which works well for a “chuck it in, grab it, ‘its the weekend’ lets go” sort of mentality. It can fit A4 notes and folders, 13 inch laptops, yet is ideal for a quick weekend away. It has a mesh pocket on the inside for keeping your smaller gear together, and you can strap extra gear to the outside using the lines of clipping webbing.

Bonus points if you grab an un-waxed canvas duffle, and then spend a Friday night waxing it with your Dad. Trust me, its worth it!

Check out the Dufflay


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