Elephantitus Pro-Series Messenger Bag

Little fun fact, Elephantitus was the first product we ever built. Designed with the professional messenger in mind it has considerably evolved over the years. Now measuring in at 51L in volume it is not for the faint hearted. Archive boxes, A3 folios, multiple slabs of beer, yes it swallows them all! Watch as Dave walks you through this behemoth of a bag!

Dave here from BOgear, and this is our Elephantitus Messenger Bag.

It is our oversized, ridiculously large, pro-series messenger bag designed for heavy duty use. At 51L of volume, again 51L OF VOLUME, it is the biggest bag that we make. This bag has a width at the flap fold of 720mm, a width at the base of 420mm, a height of 430mm and a depth of 310mm. Now, all of those dimensions probably don’t mean much, so lets translate it into much more understandable dimensions. This bag can fit an oversized archive box inside, or two regular sized archive boxes one on top of the other. In beer terms, that is a lot of friggin’ beer. It is a huge bag and not for the faint hearted!

Our Elephantitus was originally designed for Professional Messengers, so all the features are designed specifically for those needs. It doesn’t have the bells and whistles of fancy ‘fashion’ messenger bags. The flap is absolutely gianormous, waterproof and gives you a massive amount of protection for everything that is inside the bag.

Now inside, on the front wall, we have our giant pleated pocket. This pocket is huge; you can fit two or even three phone books in there. So if you are not a professional courier, you can fit 13, 15 and 17 inch laptops on the inside of this pocket. Otherwise, you can fit a tonne of other stuff in there. On the outside, you have a little slip pocket for your phone, your wallet or other small personal valuables. You also have three pen pockets right there. Inside the pleated pocket, you also have a slip pocket where you can put your phone or other valuables.

Underneath the pleated pocket, we have our D-lock sleeve. On the side we also have another pleated pocket that expands out for you to put your drink bottle or rain jacket in, just in case there is inclement weather. The cool feature about this pleated pocket is that it expands away from your bag. A lot of the professional couriers put their personal belongings in this pocket on the outside of the bag, and put all of their working goods on the inside of the bag. The pleat, means the pocket expands away from the main pocket of your bag and does not take up the working volume of your bag, essentially what you are getting paid for. Therefore, you can still carry whatever you need to carry, regardless of what you have inside the pleated pocket.

Inside the tub, it is absolutely clean. There are no hanging things, there are no pockets, absolutely nothing inside the bag. The reason for this is speed. No pockets or hanging webbing means there is nothing for you to snag on, nothing to rip or tear and nothing for you to damage as you remove the contents of the bag. That is a professional feature we included that we were asked for, so we had to remove all the pockets to put that in.

As I said, it is a BIG bag and you can fit a hell of a lot in there. However, what you can’t fit inside, you can strap to the outside. You have tonnes and tonnes and tonnes of lines of clipping webbing. That means that you can tie on large boxes, bike frames, bike wheels, or anything that is too big or awkward to fit inside the bag can be tied to the outside and usually the flap can be put over the top to give you that extra level of protection.

Although the straps are already quite long, if you are carrying oversized objects, you will probably need to get a set of extension straps, just to increase the carrying capacity of your bag. On the base are compression straps so you can synch it down to size so it doesn’t flap around and get annoying while you are using it.

The key feature that sets the Pro-Series messenger bags apart from all the others is the shoulder strap system on the back. Now, this strap system, isn’t attached to the two sides, but instead to the back section. This means, no matter what you have in your bag, you will always have a flat section against your back. The bag can actually expand away from the shoulder strap, so it can be worn comfortably, no matter the size of the contents.  The key difference that sets the Elephantitus out from the other Pro-Series messenger bags in the range, is the secondary strap. Because this bag is so large, you are likely to carry a lot of heavy weight and will definitely thank us for this. You wear the main strap over your dominant shoulder, and the secondary strap over your second shoulder, to reduce the amount of weight carried, by spreading it across both shoulders, resulting in a more comfortable carry.

On the front of the bag, we have the two strips of webbing that give you a place to strap your lights or other things that allow you to be seen. Underneath the flap, you also have two strips of reflective tape, which mean you can be seen at night-time. All you need to do is lift the flap up a little and you have some safety.

Oh, and the shoulder straps are completely removable. So you can undo the straps and rotate them around. This means you can wear the bag over your left shoulder, or your right shoulder, or when the shoulder pads are beginning to smell, you can remove them, throw them in the wash and get them smelling as fresh as a daisy.

Our Elephantitus is available pre-built in black, or can be custom designed to your needs via our Custom Tab! 51L? Yup, it is BIG!

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