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Ever wondered how other people use their CellBlock M for organising and sorting their gear? Personally I run mine as a laptop peripherals and “running BOgear from the road” style bag. I’ve shared this “what can my pouch fit” before, but what about other real world situations?

Big thanks to an Anonymous customer who wrote in to share how he uses his.

The Cellblock M’s full of my site gear such as ID cards, risk assessment books, pens, sunscreen, mini first aid kit, gloves, locks, safety glasses, torch, batteries etc.

I usually have a camera in there, but it’s not shown as I used it to take the photos.

I can fit everything I need to do my job into a Cellblock M (except boots, helmet & hi vis clothes). Before I leave the office I just grab it and go. Using this (and a couple of other things – vacuum bags to store bulky raincoats etc.) I managed to get everything I take on site from 2 x large storage crates down to a milk crate + my boots.

I still have my laptop & clothes in a separate bag, but when I get the Spare Camel I should be able to just attach the Cellblock M (probably to the outside for easy access), throw a couple of days of clothes and the laptop in and I’ll be good to go.

In a nutshell Anon. uses the pouch as a Site Bag. Check it out… Very impressive how such a small pouch can carry and organise so much!

CellBlock EDC Pouch Full CellBlock EDC Contents CellBlock EDC Pouch Grab BagThank you very much for sharing – you know who you are!

And as always, our CellBlock pouch for storing your EDC is available online!

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