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We are about to start manufacturing a very strictly limited batch of Denim bags in Spare Camel, BullPup, and Dufflay form. They look an absolute treat and are quite fun to make, and I have been fielding a few emails and phone calls with people wanting to know more. 

So I decided to write these questions down with the idea to share the information with everyone. Here are some of the answers to your questions. If you have any other questions about Denim as a material, or this batch feel free to leave a comment below.


Question 1: The thing I like most about your bags is they are “buy once” bags. As in, if you take care of them they will last a life time. I realise the business implications of the previous sentence.  With that in mind, comparing the Denim Duffle to your regular Duffle would you put the Denim Duffle in the “buy once” category?

Answer 1: The Denim is definitely not as hard wearing as our Cordura. Cordura you can drag up a cliff. Denim you can’t. It will wear and age over time, showing a patina of age and use. Put through the same rigours as a standard Cordura bag, it won’t last as long, however I cannot say just how long it would last exactly… Think of a pair of jeans. During winter you wear these daily. You sit down, move around, and wash them pretty regularly. They rub on seats, edges of things and generally wear fairly well. They usually last a few years, get signs of wear (which look awesome, and gives you a sense of bragging rights) and mostly blow out at the crotch. Thats not just me is it with crotch blow outs? Our Denim gear will be exactly the same, albeit will wear fairly consistently as there is no “crotch” to blow out.

Denim Duffle Bag 25L

Question 2: Just to clarify, the Custom Design is for the regular Duffle and that Denim is an option for a fortnight?

Answer 2: Yes, we will be doing a batch of Denim in the Dufflay, BullPup, or Spare Camel. Denim is up for pre-order so you can snag it before anyone else. It is a strictly limited batch and once it is gone, it will be gone!

As for the Custom side of things, we are willing to throw custom orders (Dufflay, BullPup or Spare Camel ONLY) into the build queue so long as we can process them all at the same time (keeps the costs down). This is only open for a fortnight as we plan to begin the batch at the end of next week (or early the week after). Does this make sense?

Denim Pack Rolled

Question 3: I’ll take a double denim Chunky Toad!!

Answer 3: Unfortunately we cannot build you a Chunky Toad out of Denim. There are two reasons:

1. We only have a strictly limited amount of this fabric and have already dedicated it to this batch of Camels, BullPups and Dufflays. If we had more I would love to give it a go for you.

2. Denim is a different material with different stretch and sewing characteristics, requiring different manufacturing processing, finishing, and even features. Because of this we would need to build a sample first to make sure the Denim Toad would live up to our expectations. We don’t want to sell you something which we have not proven for ourselves. It needs that BOgear tick of approval. So in essence I would need to build a Chunky Toad (or any other bag) to test before I would feel comfortable selling it. And as the supply of Denim is strictly limited, this means I must stick to what we have tested and know WILL work.

Hope this doesn’t offend, but would you be keen on a BullPup or Camel or Dufflay? These HAVE been proven and I know will kick ASS!

Denim Camelpack backpack

Question 4: Is the bag still waterproof?

Answer 4: We don’t like using the word “waterproof” as it has too many definitions depending on who is answering. We prefer the word “weatherproof”, but regardless, this depends on which bag you grab. For our Denim packs, weatherproofing depends on the liner, NOT on the exterior fabric. The liner is a 300D Polyester, which of itself is weatherproof.

1. Spare Camel is fully lined with this 300D Polyester, so is entirely weatherproof.
2. BullPup is only partially lined with 300D Polyester, so would only be rain resistant.
3. Dufflay is not lined at all. It would wet out faster than a tissue dropped into the pool.

Denim BullPup Backpack

Question 5: Any issues with Indigo transfer onto your back, especially with light clothing?

Answer 5: Not that we have found (but truth be told it hasn’t been particularly hot/sweaty lately). But given the concern, all contact points with the body on both the Spare Camel and the BullPup have been made from 500D Cordura instead of Denim. This includes the underside of the straps as well as the backpad. Yes, a good old dose of “just in case”. The Dufflay we can’t cover with 500D as then there would be no Denim visible!

Denim Marked Backpack

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