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We listen to our customers, after all collectively you have more time using our gear than we ever would. We also firmly believe in having fun. Which is why when a suggestion was raised which combined both these things we JUMPED at the opportunity! The suggestion? “Have you ever thought about making a bag from Denim?”

Um… nope. But heck that sounds awesome. So we floated the idea on Instagram with the decision being to purchase a limited amount to explore this ridiculously left field idea. And what fun we had. Literally everyone was grinning while cutting and sewing the sample bags. While testing too, you can’t help but grin; these really are happy bags.

UPDATE: We’ve received a tonne of interest in these bags, and have compiled some FAQ’s and their answers for you. Read up about our Denim Packs FAQ.

Denim Duffle Bag

So here is the lowdown on Denim:

1. The Denim is Indigo coloured
2. Denim weight 13.5oz.
3. Slight stretch (mostly mechanical and not due to fibre construction)
4. Will lose colour over the years, much like a loved pair of jeans (also gaining stripes, rub marks, and a patina of use and age)
5. CAN be washed in the washing machine to keep it clean/new/fresh.
6. Mostly suited for urban use. The Denim is not abrasive resistant enough to cope with being dragged up a rock cliff face
7. Bases of ALL bags will still be 1000D Cordura (in black) for abrasion resistance from putting the bag on the ground

We are about to start constructing a limited edition batch of Denim in backpacks and duffles. As the fabric was only purchased in a small amount, stock will be incredibly limited and once this roll of denim is gone, it is gone for good. The following bags are up and open for pre-order. We are also opening up custom ordering of Denim, BUT ONLY for a fortnight. This means you can choose colours other than listed below if you wish (ie change webbing and bartack colours for instance).

Denim BullPup 18L Backpack

Denim BullPup Backpack Side View

BullPup: 18L Denim Backpack

Our Denim BullPup will come standard with dual side compression (not shown), Black webbing and Coffee bartack (as shown). These colours are closest in representation to traditional jeans, so is an aesthetic that you are probably used to. The interior of the bag will be partially lined with Dark Grey 300D Polyester, so is only weather resistant. All other features remain the same, including two new upgrades which we haven’t mentioned yet. These are hydration hose exit port, and the ability to incorporate a new hipbelt light.

Pre-order your own Denim BullPup here
OR for the next fortnight, Custom design your own Denim BullPup

Denim Camelpack backpack

Denim Camel Pack Side View

Spare Camel: 30L Denim Backpack

Our Denim Spare Camel will come with Black webbing and Coffee bartacks. Yes, I know the above examples show Dark Grey and Grey, but this was an experiment and we felt the Black/Coffee combo looked best. That being said you can always custom order your own exactly the way YOU want if you get in the next fortnight! Like the BullPup, the Denim Spare Camel will come standard with Dual Side Compression (not shown). This pack is fully lined with Dark Grey 300D Polyester so will be completely weather proof. This is a pack you can take in the rain to cop a wet hammering. Your gear inside WILL stay dry. All features remain the same, as well as a new upgrade similar to the BullPup, namely being a hydration hose port.

Pre-order your own Denim Spare Camel here
OR go wild and Custom Design your own Denim Camel here

Denim Duffle Bag 25LDufflay: 25L Denim Duffle

This Denim Duffle will be unlined but as the underside of the Denim is lighter in colour it will still be incredibly easy to see contents of your bag. This unlined construction makes it softer, and not weather resistant. You probably wouldn’t wear jeans in the rain, so don’t use this duffle in the rain. The base will be double layered with the exterior layer being 1000D Cordura. Carry handles will be in Black, while clipping webbing is removed to keep the exterior clean. Interior there is a single mesh zippered pocket for keeping small things organised.

Grab it pre-order here
OR Custom Design a Denim Dufflay

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