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Are you a cyclist? Did you know we have three pouches suitable for holding your essentials and keeping them safe while you ride? The most obvious of which is our Jersey Pocket Pouch – heck even the name gives it away – but what are the other two? Watch as Dave shows and compares the three different options.

00:27 – Jersey Pocket Pouch explanation
01:02 – Shrapsac: simple lightweight cycling pouch
01:49 – Simple Sally: iPhone 6 plus (largest) cycling pouch

Our Jersey Pocket Pouch is designed for cycling and for keeping your phone, wallet and your valuables safe and dry. It can be put inside your jersey pocket, or strapped underneath your seat. But I’ve had a couple of people comment about a couple of other products which we have which also could function really well as a Jersey Pocket Pouch, and wanted to understand what the differences are between the three.

So at the extreme end we have the Jersey Pocket Pouch. This is pleated so it expands, and can open up to fit a fair amount inside. It has 1000D Cordura exterior, but it also has a 300D Polyester lining which is waterproof. This means that the entire pouch is weatherproof, so it comes with a strap along the backside so you can strap it underneath your seat or you can stash it in your jersey and regardless of which location you use it will keep everything dry and safe from the elements.

On the other extreme end in small size is our Shrapsac. This is crafted from reclaimed offcuts which normally go into landfill and was designed as a coin pouch. But it is big enough to hold cards. So if you wanted to cycle with a really lightweight carry such as a Credit Card, maybe a key or two, some coins or notes then this pouch would be ideal. Now this pouch isn’t waterproof; it does have a massive opening at the top, and it is only a single layer of 1000D Cordura so it does mean water can get in. But when you are talking about coins, notes, and a credit card, it doesn’t matter if it gets wet. So our Shrapsac is a small, lightweight and simple version of a cycling pouch.

Halfway in the middle we have our Simple Sally. Now this one is designed as a pencil case and is a zippered pouch. This is also constructed from a single layer of 1000D Cordura and like the Shrapsac means it is not weatherproof. As a slight side, follow this link to learn what we mean when we say weatherproof versus waterproof and so forth. So be warned, water can get in if you are cycling for a long time through rain, or sweating profusely. The advantage of this pouch however is that it is larger. It still can fit in your jersey pocket but being the larger size can fit a lot more inside. If you wanted to fit in a couple of tubes, a patch kit, a CO2 canister, a couple of tools it would comfortably hold it. Or you can use it to hold an iPhone 6 plus (or larger). The limitation of the Jersey Pocket Pouch is an iPhone 6, which is why our Simple Sally is fantastic for those with larger phones. This alone is a major advantage of the Simple Sally!

So all three pouches function really well as Cycling Pouches, despite only one being called a Jersey Pocket Pouch. Which one is better entirely depends on what you plan to do with the pouch! All three cycling pouches are available online right now.

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