We have a colour option on our Custom packs called “WTF”. What is it, and how does it look? Going custom can be scary, WTF even more so. Let us break it down and discuss the colour option!

Well, WTF stands for “What The F**k” and is a mix of colours rather than one continuous colour. It is applicable to the exterior fabric as well as the webbing and bartack. It allows you to choose your own colours, or us to chose them for you. If you want to chose your own colours, simply reply to your order confirmation email and let us know what colours you would like where.

If you want to leave it up to us there are four main options:
WTF Anything
WTF Camo only
WTF Dark and Camo
and WTF Dark only (which today we will be featuring)

As it sounds, WTF anything leaves the option open completely to us. We can mix dark colours, bright colours, camo colours, make it completely random and wild, or apply a theme to it. Generally we recommend you guide us as to what colours you like as the sky is the limit with this option; narrowing it down for us ensures we nail it for you!

WTF Camo only means we can choose from any of our camo colours that we have in stock, putting different camo panels in different places.

WTF Dark and Camo blends camo colours together with dark colours. Examples such as black, navy, brown, and multicam. Generally the Team try and find a camo colour and then pull complementary colours together to really highlight it.

And finally WTF Dark only. This one is by far our most popular option as it stays “safe” with darker colours yet with a certain wild variation thrown in as you don’t really know if it is a “black” bag, “grey” bag, or just a…. “WTF is that bag colour mate?” As today we are featuring WTF Dark only, I thought I would show some good examples of this colour choice. Examples include all the dark colours we have in stock at the time being: Black, Grey, Brown, Khaki, Coyote, Forest Green, Navy.


WTF Dark BullPup-backpackInterestingly enough, the majority of our WTF Dark Only packs also tend to mix in some bright webbing and bright bartack colours. The base colour being a blend of Darks makes for a good platform for bright accent colours.

WTF BullPup Pack Loud WTF BullPup Backpack WTF Bullpup 18L Backpack WTF Bright Dark Bullpup backpack bullpup wtf dark burnt orange bullpup wtf_dark wtf_bright lime brown black bullpup pack autumn colours bullpup backpack WTF spare camel pack 30l wtf purple camelpack wtf dark inspired backpack wtf dark bright spare camel backpack wtf classy camelpack wtf camel pack spare camel wtf dark wtf bright custom wtf camelpack backpack


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