Custom BullPup Backpacks

Two pretty sweet little custom BullPup backpacks left the studio last week. Both were a little more custom than usual! Check them out.


The one above uses three webbing colours, two fabric colours, and one bartack colour. Yet despite all the multiple colours it just looks a treat! Now if you are looking at our custom BullPup Backpack page (where normally you would place an order for such a beautiful bag!) you might just notice that there is only one colour option for fabric, for webbing, or for bartack. So how did this amazing bag happen? Easy! The customer dropped into our studio and mulled over his decision armed with multiple fabric and webbing swatches. You too can do this. Truth be told it is hard to organise everything via buttons on a website, so sometimes it is much simpler to visit our studio in person and discuss the finer details.

If you don’t live in BNE, or heck, don’t even live in Australia this is not a problem. You can call us, or you can email us. We love seeing custom designs like this as they stand out and are damn unique. So don’t be shy, call us, email us, or carrier pigeon us. We won’t bite.


This is the second custom BullPup to leave the studio. This one features a patchwork front panel and is miiiiiighty fine. Back story behind this patchwork design is Simon is teaching himself to sew, so decided to create a BullPup out of scrap. Long story short it looked sweet, and suddenly other people want to rock one too. So we are slowly starting to offer these! Best bit however is EACH pack is unique and different as it involves the sewing together of scrap pieces picked up from the cutting room floor. It does take longer to craft, but the result is nothing short of awesome.

We will be making these scrap packs available very shortly so keep an eye out for them. Yes, you will be able to get a completely random bag, or define it slightly to be “no bright”, or “no camo” if you prefer something simple. Despite being partially defined, each will be random, unique, and HOT, with no two bags alike! That we can guarantee!

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