Colour Guide: Maroon Wax Canvas

With all the custom colour options available on our site, sometimes it can be a tad overwhelming. We have decided to do a series of “Colour Guides,” essentially showcasing what colours combine well – be it through Exterior fabric, Webbing, Bartack, and Lining or a combination of them all. Today, lets focus on the humble Maroon Wax Canvas!

Before we begin, if you are interested in any of our canvas packs and would like to know more about this material, take a quick Canvas refresher over here. Basic recap; the canvas we use is a SupaProof 12 ounce weight Poly Cotton blend, made and coated in Australia by Defab. With our custom canvas packs running out the door faster than we can keep up, proof is in the pudding that this is a pretty damn popular material.

Waxed Canvas for BOgear Backpacks!

The Maroon is a beautiful deep rich colour, almost clay-like. Under natural lighting it is dark, yet under our studio photography lights tends to look a tad lighter. In the photo above you can see it beside the older Dark Grey (no longer available) and it has a deep russet tone.

Here is an example of it under studio lighting, and looks lighter due to the wax coating. This gives it a “sheen” which will dull down over time. In addition the canvas will get slightly darker with more use as the wax softens (initially it will get slightly lighter as the wax flexes). Patina wise, darker marks will appear such as lines and crinkles giving it a beautiful aged effect.


Now that you have seen an example of the fabric in completed form, lets get down to the nitty gritty! What colours go really well with it?

Webbing wise, black is a very strong contender, while Dark Grey also looks mighty fine. Because of the “autumn” colouring of Maroon, darker webbing colours tend to look best. Bright colours can sometimes match, especially if you don’t mind a clash, but mostly aren’t as punchy or instantly as suitable as Black or Dark Grey.

In the above photo you can see two lines of Black as well as two lines of Dark Grey.

Maroon-Wax-Canvas_BlackBartack colours are a little more subjective. However as the visual surface area of a bartack is much smaller you can get away with some brighter colours. In the above image from left to right: Black, Coffee, Olive, White, Yellow. Cream would also look nice here as it is a slightly duller tone than the white.

Black instantly stands out and is a failsafe. You absolutely cannot go wrong with black. This would be a good “I can’t make my mind up but I’m sold on Maroon” colour choice!

Coffee and Olive both tie in with the earthy nature of Maroon and allow a little more splash of expression. It isn’t safe, but it isn’t as out there. Personally these are the two colours that I like most. Both are subdued yet with a touch of colour.

White, Cream and Yellow are that little bit more bold or punchy. They grab your attention but don’t fight for your interest. It doesn’t clash, but it also doesn’t blend into the bag. These would be a fantastic choice if you don’t mind a little bit of expression. If you are tentative about this colour choice, rest assured that all of them would dull over time getting a more subdued appearance!

Oh, and in the Spare Camel photo above you can also see how yellow paracord is added for a splash of colour! You don’t necessarily have to add the same paracord colour as the bartack colour; sure this looks good, but it is safe! Don’t be afraid to introduce a third or even fourth colour…!

So there we have it. Our first colour guide! Any suggestions what colour we should do a guide for next? Any questions or comments don’t hesitate to leave them below!


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