Part of growing up is realising that cuts and grazes hurt, and that ripping off the bandaid often hurts less than peeling it off slowly. Dave here from BOgear, and well… its time for me to rip off a bandaid.

We are closing our Custom Australian Made Studio.

I shot a video below which I would love you to share to help get the message out there. Please share it, and let everyone know. I do not want anyone to miss out, especially if they have been holding out on grabbing or designing a piece of BOgear. Let them know to get their orders in by 3 March, as we will no longer be accepting orders after this time. We will ensure every order is filled and no one misses out.


Hey, Dave here from BOgear, and I’m one of 7 kids… there are 7 kids in my family. My parents used to preach that tough love mentality. They actually sent one of my brothers to school with an appendicitis. Point of the story is one of the things they used to say a lot was “Just rip the bandaid off. Rip the bandaid off, it’ll hurt less that way.”

So it’s time for me to rip that bandaid off in relation to BOgear

We are closing our Australian Made and our Custom Studio. Brisbane Outdoor Gear is closing it’s doors. I know there are a lot of you out there who have been holding off, who have been designing, thinking, umm-ing and aah-ing about what is the best combination. Well now is your last chance. This is your last chance to get a piece of our Australian Made Custom Awesomeness… with the BOgear tag.

So please, tell your friends. Tell your mates. Tell your parents, your girlfriend, your boyfriend. Tell your sisters cat, tell your next door neighbours cat. Tell your cat. Tell everyone, pass this message on and let everyone know. I don’t want anyone to miss out who wants a piece of BOgear.

It’s time for a New Adventure. I am really excited about what the new adventure is going to hold, but I’d like to thank everyone who has helped get us to this point, and helped BOgear get to where it is. Thank you for all your support. Thank you for purchasing something, for liking something we put out there. For sharing something, for commenting, for writing a review, for telling your friends. We simply couldn’t have done it without you.

Thank you.

So I’m Dave from BOgear and we are closing our Australian Made and Custom side. So please, tell your friends and help pass this message on.

Thank you.

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  • Sarah Haigh

    Noooo dave. I have 5 bags from you guys and love all of them. Ive given your stuff as gifts! I hope all is good mate. Love your work.