Christmas Cutoffs

I’m going to say the “C” word. I’m sorry, but I have to. CHRISTMAS. (I hate that stores get their Christmas decorations out months ahead and hype it up, but we’re going to have to be one of those stores.) Here is why: If you want some Custom BOgear there is a wait while our talented team hand build it for you.

On our Order Board I’ve got a countdown of weeks left until Christmas. Not because I’m some fanatical Christmas fan… (heck, I’m no longer two!)… No, rather because every year it creeps up on me and then I feel terrible for letting people know we won’t be able to get their gift under the tree in time. Just between you and me, I even feel terrible for talking about Christmas 7-odd weeks out, but I guess someone has to do it!


Dave here from BOgear, and yup, there is just about 7 weeks left until Christmas. If you were hoping to get something Custom and BOgear related under the tree this year, we have a projected cut-off date of 18th November. This gives us enough time to cut, sew, and post in time for Christmas. Every year we get swamped so this year we have planned ahead (I’m counting down remember!) and are actively reducing our lead time to ensure we meet this deadline.

Too long? Didn’t read? Here is an executive summary:
Want Custom BOgear for Xmas? Orders in BEFORE 18th November.

Looking forward to getting the Team onto something Custom for you and your loved ones!

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