CellBlock Pouch – What Can It Fit?

After the post showing how I use my CellBlock pouches for sorting and organising my gear, I had an enquiry about what exactly fits in inside the CellBlock. At 2.6L in volume it is hard to visualise what can fit; after all literage is an abstract measurement when you don’t know how many litres your own gear takes up.

Here is what I use my CellBlocks for; almost everything I need to run BOgear while on the road. And given they are constructed from the same 1000D Cordura and #5YKK zips as used in our backpack range I know they will be with me on the road for a LONG time!

CellBlock pouch contents for work and laptop peripherals

Inside the Cellblock M:
A5 Diary
A5 sketch/notebook
iPhone Cable
GoPro 3+ & microfibre bag
Earbud headphones
5 Pens (yes, I carry a lot of pens. I lose ‘em. Cut me slack)
GoPro remote
Laptop charger
Gorilla Pod mini-tripod
Belkin card reader
Micro SD card adaptor
Post it tabs
1x 500GB hardrive
1x 1TB hardrive
Internet dongle
3x USB sticks

Yes, all of this neatly fits inside the pouch. I generally put the hard drives in the side slip pocket, with the pens lined up on the other slip pocket. The internet dongle, headphones and iPhone cable are coiled up and sit in neatly with the pens. Everything else is stacked neatly in the main section with the two A5 books being the bread in the sandwich. This provides a little bit of protection, but mostly gives it a neat shape, perfect for packing!

Not inside the pouch (but needed to run BOgear from the road):
13inch laptop
Canon 7D
Tripod (depending on situation my lightweight version, although I do strap my heavier tripod to the rear clipping webbing on occasions)
Zoom H4n
Rode Lav mic

Best bit? This entire package neatly fits inside my very dirtified BullPup backpack!

BullPup-Camera-GearCellBlocks are my go-to item when I know I am carry lots of little things which are usually hard to organise. It has got to the point where I have a dedicated CellBlock for “running BOgear”, a dedicated CellBlock for Audio equipment, and a dedicated CellBlock for when I am out for a hike. I know I am a bit OCD, but having gear sorted and organised is one less thing for me to worry about! If you are OCD like me, or know you want to keep things organised and sorted (admit it, this is the first sign of OCD!), you can grab these neat little organising pouches via our site. Or if you know you are going to need more than one, check out our OCD bundle, which also comes with two Shrapsacs. These are little pouches perfect for coins, chain ring bolts, headphone earbuds, or anything small and easy to lose really!

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