All our bags are hardwearing, and built for the long haul. Some people really like to test this by carrying ridiculous loads. If you are on Instagram, make sure you check out the hashtag #carryshitolympics. Guaranteed to boggle your mind, some of the loads are ridiculous.

Check out what some of our customers and friends have got up to using BOgear bags (usually the Elephantitus Messenger bag, Sindrome Messenger Bag, Chunky Toad Backpack, or Spare Camel Backpack)

Chunky-Toad-big-delivery Elephantitus-big-delivery Elephantitus-elevator-big-deliveryCamel-Box-Delivery Carry-lots-in-your-backpack Double-Archive-Box Double-Archive-elevator Elephantitus-big-load Elephantitus-Wheely-Bin-Delivery Wheel-delivery-backpackPotting-Mix-Sindrome

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