PHWOAR! The Forge Co Frontline pack, (which we have talked about before) and which we helped design and manufacture in our Brisbane studio has just taken out Carryology’s Readers Choice Award!

Carryology BOgear Readers Choice Award

Man does this make me both chuffed and humbled! To see a project from simple beginnings end up with a Carryology Award absolutely blows my mind! Michael from the Forge co. has shown some amazing dedication and belief in what we do to get this project off the ground. He knew exactly what he wanted to achieve, and wasn’t afraid to get it right. He and the Forge Co Team truly believe in producing the best product possible. For us to be along for the journey is humbling indeed!

To check out Forge Co’s AWARD WINNING pack, head to the Frontline Page! We manufacture the Frontline exclusively for Forge, so you will need to grab it here.

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