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With all the posts, photos and comments lately regarding our new 65L duffle, you may have noticed that we are starting to use a new material. This new material is a Waxed Canvas, which not only looks and functions amazingly, but also ages beautifully.

Waxed Canvas for BOgear Backpacks!

Here it is in all its rolled up glory! This canvas is a SupaProof 12 ounce weight Poly Cotton blend, made and coated right here in Australia by Defab.

Now lets translate that slight geekery:

1. The canvas is made and coated in Australia
In our niche manufacturing industry, not many materials we use are still made in Australia. Sure we have some military fabrics (like that awesome AUSCAM Desert Cordura – follow the link and scroll down to see) but really that is about it. Which is why when we found out this canvas was manufactured here in Australia, we jumped at the chance to use it.

2. It is constructed from 52% Polyester, with Cotton (48%) wrapped around the outside
This is known as a poly-cotton blend canvas. This means for each individual strand or fibre used in the weaving process, there is a polyester core (for strength), which is then wrapped in cotton. The cotton is traditionally used for waterproofing. In theory, the cotton gets wet, swells up, and then stops leaks. However relying on the cotton alone is not enough, so this canvas is also coated…

3. Acrylic (wax) coated
The canvas is also finished using an acrylic coating. This is commonly known as waxed canvas. Not oiled like Driza-bone jackets, but waxed. This coating provides weatherproofing, making the bag almost impermeable to the elements. It will wear with age requiring a re-coating, however not until a long period of time has passed. The neat thing about this coating is it lends a certain patina to the bag; where you continually fold, crease, or rub an element, it will slowly become visible – be it darker or lighter in tone. This in essence lets the bag tell a story. By looking at a waxed bag you can see just how much use and abuse it has handled.

4. It weighs 12 ounces
Measurement of canvas is “traditionally” done in the imperial system. So this particular canvas is 12 ounces when final woven. However the finished weight is heavier as the “wax” coating is applied after final weave. We have just double checked, and the final weight of this particular canvas is 525GSM. This is slightly more heavy than our standard Cordura.


Canvas carries a certain nostalgia; I guess in my mind it reminds me of old bags my Father and Pop owned, coupled with camping smells. It harks back to days sleeping under the stars in old school scout tents. Or maybe it is the smell which reminds me of our old pop-top canvas sided camper. Many a September school holiday was spent in this camper on Moreton Island! Ahh… the memories.

Regardless of the fond memories it brings back, this particular canvas is damn tough and built to last. It ages beautifully provided you look after it, and whats more will tell a visual story. This would be a fantastic material for urban bags, but would function just as nicely for some off the beaten track use.

So, after all this discussion, why am I talking about the canvas in the first case? Well, as we have it in stock we are now offering it as a material on most of our custom bags! So it begs the question… who wants to be the first to try this material? Check out what bags can be done in the new canvas! Cannot wait to see the combos you come up with!

UPDATE: FIRST custom canvas backpack has been completed! Quick sneaky peek below! HOT!


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