New Camo In Stock!

First day back from our Christmas holidays and what should show up, but a fresh batch of fabric. Mmm… love the smell of Cordura in the morning!

Camo Cordura Rolls

This delivery also contained a roll of Camo new to us here at BOgear. Camo fans rejoice, you now have six options to choose from! This particular camo is called UCP, and is the uniform pattern on USA troops. It is slowly being phased out so this is the only roll we can get our hands on. If you are interested in a bag from this, make sure you place an order pronto via our custom bag page (and no, there is no extra charge for this genuine Cordura camo!).

UCP Camo Swatch

UCP looks pretty fantastic with Grey, as well as Coyote of all colours. Black also looks sharp, although to reduce “harshness” I would recommend using a Grey bartack. UCP is genuine Cordura, sourced direct from a US mill.

So, six Camo options now – want to check them all out? And yes, all are currently available via our custom bag page – although USA Woodlands is almost completely out of stock (again, a limited edition fabric) *now completely out of stock.

USA Woodlands Swatch

USA Woodlands – super limited. We only have enough for about 5 large backpacks or messenger bags in this. It looks fantastic with Black, Grey or Gold webbing. Bartacks of Black, Coffee or Grey also look sharp with this print. *now out of stock

USA Desert Swatch

USA Desert Camo – this camo features a rather large pattern (colloquially called “choc chip”) which means it doesn’t work well for smaller bags. We generally only use this on our larger bags, or bags with limited panelling work (ie. the flap of a mid-size messenger bag or larger).


MULTICAM – This is the camo currently used by the USA as well as some Australian troops. Versions of it have been developed for other countries, and a version for Australia is currently being created. This looks sharp with a lot of other colours, especially darker like black. Surprisingly it also works well with Gold as well as Fluoro Orange (for something a bit different!). This fabric is genuine Cordura sourced direct from the US manufacturer.


AUSCAM – This is the official camo of the Australian Diggers, and is colloquially known as “bunny ears”. It works well with Gold, as well as brighter colours such as Orange. Black can look a bit harsh on it, although if you use a lighter bartack (such as Coffee) it ties together quite nicely. This particular fabric is genuine Australian Made Cordura.

AUS Desert Swatch


AUSCAM Desert – This is the same print as AUSCAM, however it features different colours for more suitability in the desert. Believe it or not, Purple webbing looks so damn hot on this print! Or you could use a more “safe” colour of Black, Gold, or Grey. This particular fabric is also genuine Australian Made Cordura.

So, this is all our Camo options in stock right now. Keen to grab one in your next bag? Then get in early as some prints are strictly limited!

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