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Well, I was blown away with the responses from our recent voting competition. Some people even left me little notes in the “what is your name” section – thanks for the kind words – you know who you are! Votes came in thick and fast with one name slightly standing out from the rest. It was close, however the chosen name slowly rose to the top. And what was that name…?





The BullPup!

If you voted, I would love to know why you chose this name! Was it my weird (but true!) story, the association with a damn tough animal, or something else entirely?  Leave a comment below!

What really surprised me however was how close the bottom three names were. The jury was well and truly out, with no one name majorly favoured over the other. Interesting!

Now for the bit I am sure you are waiting for…!

As a special thank you to all who voted, I entered your names into a draw to win a BullPup from the first batch. Happily, this was won by Margarita from VIC who has chosen a black/black version.

Didn’t win? Never fear, as we are already in the process of building the first batch. Good news is that it is also available for pre-order for those who a superduperkeen. We also have reduced pricing for a limited amount of pre-orders. Get in quick if you are keen, as this first reduced price batch is strictly limited.

Yes, you can check out more about the BullPup over at it’s dedicated page as it is live and ready to roll. Oh, and I mentioned in a previous video that the backpack may fit 15 inch laptops. It does inside the main compartment, but does not fit in the rear pleated pocket – just some clarification!

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