BullPup Backpack is here!

Our new small zippered access backpack called the BullPup is here! With a volume of 18L it is the perfect go to pack for a weekend of multiple adventures. It is the smaller sister pack to the Spare Camel with features and ability to carry tonnes (despite it’s smaller stature) to match.

Side note: I have travelled for a 4 day long weekend with the BullPup. Sounds hard given its smaller size, but it is feasible with some careful thought and packing. I will be doing this again this weekend, so will document how I do it to share with you all.
*UPDATE: I managed to take 10 days of gear with me in this little wonderpack!

So much has gone into this little pack; everything we learned from our larger Spare Camel and other backpacks has been directly transferred across. Things such as pocket placement, rear pleated pockets, mesh internal pockets for extra expandability and visibility (so many ilities..!), D-rings for easy adjustment, as well as anti-flap ends to reduce strap flap. In addition to this we have also redeveloped our shoulder strap for a more comfortable carry across a wider variety of shoulder shapes, widths and sizes. More on this “floating” shoulder strap design here!

Without gushing too much, ease of accessibility in a smaller package without reducing functionality was the aim in this bag. So what do you think? Did we achieve it? Check it out below:



From the front you can see the lines of clipping webbing useful for lashing extra gear onto, clipping things from, or attaching pouches to such as our Cellblock M. Below this is a single line of reflective tape for night time visibility. Above the clipping webbing panel is a zippered access pocket for quick access items such as phone, keys, and so forth.



From the side you can see we have incorporated a side compression buckle. Not only useful for managing an empty bag, it also allows you to clip things underneath, such as a short rappel rope for scrambling, or a wet wetsuit without wetting the inside of your bag (try saying that ten times fast!). You will also notice, as with all our zips, that there is a protective flap. This stops dust, mud and gunk coming into direct contact with your zip, extending the life. Zips also extend all the way to the base of the bag so you can open the bag up and lay it completely flat.


From the rear of the bag you can see our new Shoulder Straps. As promised we will talk about these in more detail later. In addition to this, you can see we have incorporated the anti-flap webbing ends to reduce flap (hook-and-loop to roll it up), as well as the D-Rings in the system for ease of adjustment.
Not visible, but trust us it is there, is 3mm closed cell backpad. In this pack we have moved away from our standard 10mm and HDPE combo to allow more flexibility. This thinner size works well for a small pack providing the happy medium between flexibility and comfort.

You can grab our standard range of BullPup Backpacks over at our site, including these two other colours.








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