Behind The Scenes: September Update

3 months has passed since our last Behind The Scenes update; check out what we have been up to. We cover our Subbie backpack, our new version of Dufflay, a full Duffle range, and a sneaky look at some laptop and tablet cases…

Hey, Dave here from BOgear and i’ve just snuck back into the Brisbane studio and thought I would shoot a quick behind the scenes video showing you what we have been up to in the last 3 months.

Phwoar… 3 months? Yeah, it has been 3 months!

So, we have introduced our Subbie, which is this backpack here and that is our first backpack not manufactured in house. It is made exclusively for us in Vietnam and it is a sub $100 AUD pack which we will talk about later.

The other thing we have been working on is a range of duffle bags. We previously had the Dufflay which came in at 25L and we realised it was really good for Carry On, so we have increased the size to 30L to give you maximum Carry On ability. In addition to that we are about to introduce the Medium and the Large, so three different sizes in the range. So keep an eye out for a video on this one!

And I’ll put this little item to one side and talk about it later.

So… The Subbie. This is a sub $100 AUD pack and it is a lighter weight entry into the world of BOgear. So this arrived about two weeks ago and someone enquired… Ken – thank you very much Ken – he actually asked how I pack the Subbie for when I travel. This pack for me is my go to bag for One-Bag travelling, so for light Carry On travel only. When I come back to Brisbane this is the bag that I bring. Technically this is the bag I bring, which I have been thrashing the heck out of for the last 9 months, no 10 months now. But because it is slightly older and not quite up to date I have packed this other pack exactly how I carry my bag at the moment but in the newer version.

So, here is how I pack it. So Subbie has super stretch mesh Drink Bottle Pockets and personally I really like to pack a jumper in here, or a hoodie. I get really cold on airplanes and they always seem to put it on arctic blast so that jumper is easy access for me in this pocket. So that is always in the Drink Bottle Pockets.

In the front top pocket I basically have everything that I need access to when I am on the flight. So this would include things like my phone, my wallet, lip stuff, and then I also have my face mask – being a Buff – which I use to go to sleep with, and then I also have earplugs so I can sleep, and also a pen. If you ever travel international you need to be able to fill out all the forms and everything. So this was all in the front easy access pocket.

Inside the actual bag itself, I usually carry my laptop peripherals and all those little things in an EDC Pouch. So at the top of the bag is the EDC Pouch. Because I have this packed at sub 7kg for carry on, I have stripped the Clipping Webbing attachment straps off the back. But that is my EDC pouch which carries all my little laptop peripherals and everything; one little pouch which takes up pretty much the top quarter of the bag. I always carry my A5 diary as I do like to have notes on paper. I have all my clothes all neatly folded or rolled in a Trobble Sack. Behind that is my laptop which is in a Laptop Sleeve – which we will talk about in a minute. And behind that I like to have a A4 folder for carrying loose notes, papers and files. This also gives a little bit of rigidity to the back of the bag. So although the bag does have a slip pocket on the back for laptops or hydration bladders, I like to actually pack it in loose. I just find it makes it easier for me to get stuff in and out.

In the front internal mesh pocket I have my toiletries, which is currently in a prototype case that we are working on the at the moment, which is a mini-size of the Trobble Sack. So this has my toiletries in it, such as tooth brush, tooth paste, deodorant, soap and all that sort of stuff. I also have my headphones in this pocket, keys… and thats it!

So that is basically everything that I fit in the 7kg limit with the Subbie, so that basically means I can carry everything in the one bag carry on. This is what I particularly like about the Subbie; it comes in at 540 grams, so it is light weight. Although I previously used to use a BullPup, because it is 900-odd grams, using the Subbie is an extra 400 grams of “packing stuff” that I really need to use particularly because I have my behemoth of a laptop… oh, and the DSLR that we are recording this video with! So those two things really push my weight limit.

So…. another little thing that we have been working on – a little behind the scenes – and we are uncertain whether we would like to release this, so it comes down to you guys; what do you think? Please let us know, leave a comment below; should we actually do these laptop and tablet cases, and if we do do it, what size do you want?

So… a tablet or iPad case; We are looking at doing a customised version so you can have a soft air mesh on the inside, which feels like a neoprene. It isn’t the typical “open hole” style air mesh which is scratchy and uncomfortable, instead it is very soft so it feels like a neoprene. And on the outside you would have 1000D Nylon which could be custom coloured. So this is just a super simple little slip, but we are thinking about doing another version being a heck of a lot more tough and robust and protective.

So the slip sleeve has the 1.5mm air mesh padding, where this is a more protective version, which currently fits my behemoth of a 13 inch laptop. So this version also has the soft 1.5mm air mesh on the inside but it also has on each layer; the front, the back and the base an extra 5mm of padding. This is the same foam that we use in the back pad of our backpacks but in 5mm form. So it means that you have got up to… 5, 10, 11, 12, 13… 13mm. I had to count that! I’m surprised I could, I don’t have enough fingers to count it! 13mm of foam and padding so that means that you can decide whether it would be a very protective case, or a slimmer and less protective case. So we are toying with the idea of allowing you to customise the ability to have extra padding and protection. In addition to that you also have the option to play around with the exterior colours. So at the moment it is a simple one piece slip style design with a folded flap on the top. But this is the two designs that we are toying with. We don’t know whether it is the right move to continue down this line or not.

So it is up to you! What do you think? Should we release this? If we do, what size would you like? 13 inch? 15 inch? What should we do first? So, I am Dave from BOgear, leave a comment below and let us know, and Thank You for the support!

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  • Ashley

    Good afternoon Dave,

    Working on a Sunday I see!

    I will take a 15in Laptop sleeve but with the 1.5mm padding on front and back with 5mm on the edges. That would make for a sleeve that I have not seen on the market. I want some thing that is thin so that it does not take up much space in my BOGear bag. How soon can I get one?


    • bocrew

      Cheers Ashley!

      Vote 1 for 15 inch laptop sleeve. ;)

      I actually hadn’t considered the mix of 1.5mm AND 5mm in different positions. I only considered an all 1.5mm or all 5mm, not partial of both.

      Leave it with me, see what we can come up with ;)

    • Steve

      +1 on the edge padding so badly. Given the way laptops are generally packed and dropped the chance of it landing flat and needing 7mm of shock absorption is unlikely.

      On the outer 1000D fabric, does BOGear have the fabric stock to go lighter? As the sleeve is going to spend most of it’s time inside another bag 1000D is likely overkill and only adds weight and cost.

      Two more thoughts:
      Carry handle? My current laptop sleeve features one and I find it useful to slip my hand through and then hold the sleeve/laptop lightly with the handle acting as a sort of strap to hold it in place.

      Mount points for Spare Camels/Bullpups, the hydration bladder clip points would make an excellent attachment point for the sleeve to keep it easy to open and grab out of.

      O right size… I’m a bit of a special case here 11″ Microsoft Surface Pro size.

      • bocrew

        Steve, the idea of edge padding is growing on me. I haven’t figured out a way to make edge padding thicker than the surface padding but I know with some clever design and thought we can make it happen. Leave it with me!

        As for the exterior, we do have 300D Polyester in stock but feel it is potentially too light for an every day use item. Laptops get slid in and out, across tables, etc multiple times per day. 300D would be okay for a couple of years but we really want this to last and last and… well… last! That being said I will be doing a test of both fabrics to see if there really is a difference or if I am just making it over kill :)

        Carry Handle? Clip points? Will definitely investigate. Thanks for the suggestion.